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Muscle Gossip #3 with the Yuckmouth Yenta!

Milos Sarcev _06UPDATE ON THE MILOS SARCEV ARREST: (as originally reported on Rx Muscle): (http://www.rxmuscle.com/articles/latest-news/1670-milos-sarcev-arrested-for-felony-robery.html)

Milos explained to me that the police arrived at his Koloseum  Gym and asked him to voluntarily leave since the gym was in foreclosure for failure to pay rent. Milos refused so the police arrested him for robbery and trespassing (since, technically, he no longer owned the gym).  According to Sarcev, he was released without bail.



Muscle Gossip #2 with the Yuckmouth Yenta!

LeeInCarI just got off the phone with Lee Priest and his lovely wife Rhaine, and he gave me the scoop on all the drama going on with his supplement company, LPN (Lee Priest Nutrition). Apparently, because of some shady business practices, Lee decided to part ways with his business partner and form a new company--: Assassin Nutrition. The crazy thing is that his old business partner is still selling Lee Priest Nutrition products sans Lee Priest! Lee and Rhaine are currently working to have Lee's image and name stripped from the old line. Incidentally, Jerry Beck of Iron Asylum did all the artwork for the new Assassin Nutrition labels which feature Lee's back tattoo! Lee tells me all systems are still GO for his return to the stage November 6th at the IFBB Sacramento Pro! His diet starts in less than 2 weeks and he's sitting at a lean 225lbs. After the Sacramento Pro he plans to do both the Australian Pro and the new British Grand Prix!


Muscle Gossip with the Yuckmouth Yenta!

YentaAaronThis past weekend at Jr. Nationals in Chicago, I sat in the press pit next to George Farah and Shawn Ray. Between critiquing the competitors and helping Shawn with the play-by-play, Farrah said to me, "That Romano; he hiding behind his keyboard telling lies about me". I can only infer from this statement that he felt like John's recent article, More Carbs + Less Cardio = Fat Ass! (http://www.rxmuscle.com/articles/romanos-rage/1345-more-carbs-less-cardio-fat-ass-unless-.html). . .  was referring to him and his alleged DNP protocols. George seemed none-too-happy with Mr. Romano!  George is getting ready to step back onstage himself, for the IFBB Europa- Hartford show, and he was recently showcased in an MD training video


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