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Muscle News #67- Todd Jewell Cheats Death

Jewell2How many times have you been driving down the highway are you feel your eyes slowly closing. . . unintentionally drifting off to sleep at the most inopportune moment. . . only to wake up with your wheels crossing over the white line; thumping out of control over safety speed bumps. It happened today to IFBB Pro Todd Jewell; only he didn’t wake up for the speed bumps. A collision with a huge 25-foot tall rock wall is what awakened Todd.


Muscle Gossip #66: Victor Martinez Seriously Injured

vic2Have you ever heard the saying,”If he didn’t have bad luck, he’d have no luck at all.”? It seems like that saying was specifically written for IFBB Pro Victor Martinez. Today, I was able to confirm that the former Arnold Classic Champion was seriously injured during a photo shoot in Mexico.


Muscle Gossip #65- Kevin English Out Of The O

kevin englishThe Super Bowl of bodybuilding, The Mr. Olympia, will be without one of it’s great champions this year. Earlier this past weekend I heard the rumor that the 3x 202 Mr. Olympia Kevin English wasn’t competing in our sport’s premier contest. This is big news, so over the past few days I have verified this story with many people, and now I am certain we won’t be seeing Kevin on the Olympia stage in 2012.


Muscle News #64- The Futrue Of Men's Physique Division?

mark1At almost every National level show I have been to this year, I hear someone say that the Men’s Physique Division is taking over the men’s side of the sport. If you are a numbers guy, then this sentiment makes sense. Since the division’s inception local and national level shows regularly have several times more MPD competitor than bodybuilders. The main difference I have seen to prove that bodybuilding is still safe is the lack of money in the MPD. Smaller prize money, less contracts, and the contracts that are out there are FAR less lucrative. Till now.


Muscle Gossip #63- Return Of The King

RColemanSIGNATURE SERIESOn June 23rd, 2011, I had 8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman on my radio show, Access Bodybuilding, to talk about his new company, Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. When Ronnie was on the show he told about his company’s plan to start outside the United States, and at the time, I wondered how it would all turn out. Two days ago I toured the new Florida Ronnie Coleman Signature Series headquarters and was blown away by facility.


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