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Muscle Gossip #27- Putnams Kaputnum/He's Tricky!


0723flex1_t160I got a two for one gossip this week! I really got three, but I’m still researching the third story, plus I don’t want this thing to drag on. It’s funny, in the bodybuilding world, it seems like the gossip comes in waves. It’s feast or famine. The second half of the season has just really begun, and as the shows continue to roll in, I’m expecting more feast than famine… Let’s hope anyway!





Team U Muscle Gossip Interivew Videos

Team U Muscle Gossip Interivew Videos!



Muscle Gossip #26- Marius, He Hate Dave.

timthumb.phpTim Gardner’s Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships in Tampa, Florida was like all past incarnations of this show: a tremendous success.  And just like most shows I attend, interesting events occurred: rumors were created, people hooked up with other people, and the shit was stirred! In this column I’d like to tell you all, my dear readers, about one such episode. It all began when I ran into George Farah in the public restroom!



Muscle Gossip #25- Tricky's Got Talent!

imageIf you are a bodybuilding fan, you already know the name Ricky “Tricky” Jackson. He’s won nine national titles, making him the most successful amateur NPC bodybuilder. With the advent of the 202 division he found his home and has placed in the top 3 at eight separate 202 shows, winning two. All those accomplishments aside, when I think Tricky Jackson, I think entertainer. Tricky has won multiple best poser awards, and is in high demand to guest pose at contests around the country. There is no doubt, Ricky “Tricky” Jackson has talent. But does he have enough talent to win America’s Got Talent, the popular NBC TV show? That question is about to be answered.


Muscle Gossip #24- Bev's After New York Pro


The buzz was still electric at Bev and Steve's Powerhouse Gym on the Monday following the New York Pro.  Photo shoots and contract negotiations dominated the iron atmosphere.  These shoots are typical after a major contest as all the bodybuilders and fitness chicks are in top shape. Nutritional supplement companies, magazines, clothing companies, and everyone else use the competition as an opportunity to take some quality photos for their next article, cover, or advertisement. Periodically, these photo sessions also provide the opportunity for the athletes to be signed to different types of contracts, and there were no exceptions at the Syoccet, New York gym.  Dave Palumbo and I walked into the gym intending to train chest, but once we saw all the activity, Dave suggested that I don my Yenta hat and get a story.



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