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Muscle Gossip #32- Silvio Crosses The Border

Last night I spoke with a very emotional Silvio Samuel, and we discussed his most recent arrest, his innocence, and his plans to compete in the Tijuana Pro Show this coming weekend. Silvio was arrested on July 19th, 2011 for making terrorist threats through a third party, spending four weeks in jail; and being released approximately two weeks ago. I assumed that the four weeks spent in jail derailed Silvio’s contest prep, and that we wouldn’t be seeing him back onstage in 2011. Silvio immediately disavowed my assumption, “I will be there in Tijuana, and I will definitely do the show”, he told me.


Muscle Gossip #31- Bannout Bailout

Phx-Pro 396x233Mohammad “Moe” Bannout failed to return to the finals portion of the Phoenix Pro Show. That wouldn’t be much of a story if he was sick or injured, but he wasn’t. He was disappointed with his placing, thinking not getting back onstage was a good way to demonstrate his disgust. Not smart. To add to that, he did actually return to the show, but only to watch. Since only 15 men were allowed to pose that night, and Moe opted not to tell anyone he was not returning, some poor guy who could have posed did not get to.


Muscle Gossip #30- Branch Broken But On The Mend

BranchWarrenf-frH-002Last Saturday Branch Warren was in Atlanta, Georgia with plans of guest posing at Ty “Ropeman” Felder’s NPC Coastal USA Championships. Unfortunately, Branch slipped on wet cement getting out of a car and tore his quadriceps tendon. This tear effectively removed him from competing in this year’s Mr. Olympia, less than four weeks away.










Muscle Gossip #29- FLEX Closes Cali Office!

ami_logoToday AMI (American Media, Inc.) will announced that it is moving it’s FLEX Magazine offices from Woodland Hills, California to New York City. This move has been rumored for over a year, but this press release makes it official:


Muscle Gossip #28- Overlord; Gone and Soon Forgotten

scaledMany of you will already be familiar with the screen name and alias, Overlord. He originally began posting on various message boards, and was something of a leader at another message board (that I choose not to mention by name). After I started this column here at Rx, he soon began a “gossip column” of his own at this other board. In his column I was his early favorite target, but he quickly moved on from me to attack every other staff member at Rx Muscle. From there he moved on to many other players in the industry. Overlord is no longer with us though, and neither are his “gossip columns”.


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