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Muscle Gossip #36- Interesting Times In Bodybuilding Media

john-and-dave-firedAs recently as three years ago, bodybuilding media outlets were locked up like Fort Knox. No one came in, and no one went out. Job security was at a all time high, and very little had changed for years. In magazines you had Joe Weider, David Pecker,  Steve Blechman, and Robert Kennedy. Those four names are still securely at the top of the heap, but all the players under those kingpins have changed. Starting with Peter McGough being replaced with Allan Donnelly at FLEX, working down to the firing of Dave Palumbo and John Romano. Those changes were the first of many, and as of this week, the hits keep coming.


Muscle Gossip #35: Kai Greene Lockdown



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Two weeks ago in Mumbai, India my girlfriend, Darielle, and I were eating dinner at the airport with Kai Greene and George Farah. We had gotten to the airport several hours early and found a restaurant with a decent menu. We hadn’t planned to eat dinner with Kai and George but, not surprisingly, Kai was hungry and this was the only restaurant in our wing of the airport.







Muscle Gossip #34.5- Obi Leaves WBFF

10544344-top-fitness-model-obi-obadikeIn yesterday's Muscle Gossip column (http://www.rxmuscle.com/articles/muscle-gossip/4232-muscle-gossip-34-wbff-exodus.html) I quoted then current WBFF Pro, Obi Obadike, talking about supporting Ingrid Romero's decision to switch back to the IFBB. He alluded to some drama and shady dealings going on in Paul Dillet's organiziation. Today Obi dropped the bomb that he too will attempt to make the switch to the NPC/IFBB:


Muscle Gossip #34: WBFF Exodus

WBFFExodusOn August 4th I was a guest on Jack and Ann Titone’s Fit Bod Radio show to talk about the WBFF vs IFBB pros switching over federations (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-fit-bod-radio-show/2011/08/05/the-fit-bod-radio-show-with-jack-ann-titone). On that show most of the defections discussed were from the IFBB to the WBFF. However, I predicted we would soon see some defections in the other direction. Finally, those defections have begun. As of yesterday two of the WBFF’s top pros officially announced that they were giving up their WBFF Pro cards in hopes of (re)joining the NPC/IFBB -  Ingrid Romero and David Kimmerle.


Muscle Gossip #33- RIP Art Atwood


Arthur Dale Atwood died today in Dallas, Texas. He was 37 years old. The circumstances of his death are still unclear. Although, there have been several sources that have said that Art was at a pool party and fell or jumped in. When he was pulled out by fellow party-goers he was already blue and wasn't able to be resuscitated. Until the autopsy is performed, we can't know if any substances or alcohol was involved.


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