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Muscle Gossip #40- Oscar Ardon's Keys To Success

index-1Every week I have to find a story or some piece of, hopefully, juicy gossip that you all will enjoy. Often I hear a lot of negative stories that have potential to be huge, and I have to consider if it’s something I want to run. Even more often, I have a story that just isn’t positive. This week, I wanted to do something solely and unflinchingly uplifting. Something that could actually help people. In the world of bodybuilding, as with just about anything or anyone these days, that’s hard to find. This week I found the story I was looking for in Oscar Ardon. In case you aren’t familiar with Oscar, he is best known for training, coaching, mentoring, and befriending Kai Greene. Oscar works with many bodybuilders, from the local NPC level bodybuilders straight up to elite top 6 Olympians. When I think about combining the words, positive and bodybuilding together, I think Oscar Ardon.


Muscle Gossip #39- The Business Of Bodybuilding

jay cutler training xEvery year around this time companies start planning their advertising budgets for the upcoming year. They think about how they want to spent their money, and consider how the money they spent in the past year worked for them. This is the time to plan to advertising campaigns, re-sign, cut, and sign new athletes. The contest season is ending, but the business of bodybuilding is in full swing.


Muscle Gossip #38: Jay Cutler Jewish? Nationals Weekend Preview!


jay cutler olympia trainingcI was making the 5 hour drive from Tampa to Miami this afternoon, and I resorted to Twitter for my entertainment. I can’t say this is the safest way to entertain yourself on a long drive, but it generally works for me.


Muscle Gossip #37.5- Victor Martinez Court Update

At 1 pm today, Victor Martinez walked into a US Immigration and Customs courtroom with hopes of leaving a free man. Sadly, things did not go how he, and most of the bodybuilding community, had hoped. While his girlfriend and IFBB Pro Jon Delarosa observed, the lawyers conferred.


Muscle Gossip #37- What Really Happened to Victor Martinez?

vicslideVictor Martinez, $50,000 richer from winning the 2011 IFBB Arnold Europe, strolled right up to the U.S Custom window at JFK Airport on October 11th; however, he never saw the “light of day”. As of Monday November 7th, he’s been behind bars for a solid month and today is D-day for Victor. He’ll be appearing at a hearing in front of a judge that’ll determine whether or not he’ll be granted bail and temporarily released from custody.



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