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Muscle Gossip #45- Silvio Samuel CONVICTED

On April 11th, 2011, IFBB Pro Silvio Samuel was arrested and charged with numerous counts of battery, assault, and domestic violence. This morning Silvio’s fate was put in the hands of a jury of his peers, and as of minutes ago their verdict came back; Guilty.


Muscle Gossip #44- East Coast Mecca

powerhouse-gym-the-east-coast-mecca-of-bodybuilding-107This weekend while Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto were hard at work teaching their S.M.A.R.T. training course, I took Dave’s Mercedes to Bev Francis and Steve Weinberger’s Powerhouse Gym in Syosset, New York. People often refer to Bev’s as the “East Coast Mecca”, and although I got there at 2pm on a Saturday, l was able to see why. The gym had a few dozen serious lifters, from IFBB Pros to Legends in the sport. I was there to film upcoming NPC Bodybuilder, Shawn Robinson, and train chest. But, as you all know, I’m always on the lookout for a scoop, and I found a few in the gym this weekend.


Muscle Gossip #43: The Fate of Victor Martinez

bodybuilder victor martinezEveryone is wondering what is happening with Victor Martinez. He has been locked up in a federal holding cell for 88 days, thus missing Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Yesterday, on January 6th, Victor went back to court. There has been some information made available about what transpired in court yesterday, but it’s vague and confusing, to say the least. I rounded up all my sources and have attempted to put together a complete picture of what I believe is currently going on with Martinez.


Muscle Gossip #42- Arnold Selection Process REVEALED; Ronnie Coleman's New Muscles

tumblr lmum3lPFtC1qfzokxo1 500On December 22nd, the 2012 IFBB Arnold Classic & Ms International Invite list was officially released to the public. The list was issued by Arnold Sport Festival Communications Officer, Brent LaLonde. After reading through the names, I wondered how these athletes had been selected. Was there some sort of system in place. This year, I decided I would get to the bottom of it!


Muscle Gossip #41- Biggest Controversy At Masters

BillOn December 10th, Jarka Lorie put on the IFBB Pro World Master’s Championship in Miami, Florida. For the men’s bodybuilding portion of the event, an unprecedented $220,000 in prize money was given away, with $100,000 of that money going to first place winner, Dexter Jackson. Everyone who had viewed Jarka’s contest website (www.jarkagym.com/ifbb.html) saw the prize pool was large, but almost no one realized that there would also be a $5,000 Best Poser Award and a $20,000 Biggest Comeback Award


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