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Muscle Gossip #50- Silvio Gets 5 Years + Jarka Pays Debts

silvio-samuel-jailLast week, IFBB Pro Silvio Samuel’s legal troubles finally came to a climax, as he was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Samuel was found guilty of three charges of Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and one charge of Inflicting Corporal Injury/Spouse. After hearing this news, I contacted Silvio’s former girlfriend, and the victim of his crimes.


Muscle Gossip #49- Iris Kyle Injured

arnold-schwarzenegger iris-kyleIn less than two weeks Iris Kyle was scheduled to be on stage in Columbus, Ohio attempting to collect her 6th Ms. International title. Sadly, for the first time in 7 years, we won’t be seeing Iris onstage at the Arnold this year. Brent LaLonde, of the Arnold Sport Festival, texted me earlier today with the news, “Iris is out due to leg injury.” As of right now, that is all the details I have, but as the news comes in I’ll post updates.


Muscle Gossip #48- IFBB Pro Robert Burneika Fights!

1I have followed the UFC since its inception. My favorite UFC fighters always possessed bodybuilder-like physiques. Guys like Ken Shamrock, Mark Kerr, Victor Belfort and Mark Coleman not only looked like bad asses, they were bad ass. However, as muscular as those early UFC fighters were, they don’t come close to comparing to IFBB Pro Robert Burneika.


Muscle Gossip #47- Missing Money In Miami

jarka1On December 10th of last year, Jarka Lorie put on the IFBB Masters Pro World Championship in Miami, Florida. With the 2012 season about to start, Jarka’s show is now in the distant past... It’s old news, and yet we are still hearing rumblings about the event. The reason it’s still newsworthy is because Jarka still owes some of the athlete’s money


Muscle Gossip #46- Happy Birthday RxMuscle/ Silvio Update

happy-birthdaycard-bodybuilderIn the book of Genesis, God created the world in Seven Days. Three years ago, it took Dave Palumbo and a skeleton crew less than 7 days to create Rx Muscle. I’m not comparing Dave to God, but it is pretty miraculous what the founding fathers created in such a short period of time-- a full multimedia website. In one week, the entire bodybuilding landscape changed forever.


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