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Muscle News #57- Sheru Says Jay Cutler Is In!

jay-cutler-mr-olympiaLast year, the week after the Olympia, the top 6 bodybuilders in the world descended on Mumbai, India for the Sheru Classic. The show was a huge hit, so when Sheru announced that it would be back in 2012, I expected that just about everyone would want to go. I figured one name that would be conspicuously missing would be 4x Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, who has been recovering from a bicep tear. When the updated competitor list was sent out by the Sheru Classic Team, and Jay’s name was included, I had to give Sheru a call!


Muscle News #56- RIP John Kemper

2011Suburban 1704NPC New Jersey Chairman, IFBB Pro Judge, and former bodybuilding champion, John Kemper passed away today. It has been reported that John was at home using his computer when he had a massive heart attack that took his life. John was the former owner of well known hardcore bodybuilding mecca, Diamond Gym.


Muscle Gossip #55- Lee Priest FIRED

LeeSlideLee Priest has been fired more times than anyone else in the sport of bodybuilding. MuscleTech, ProLab, Predator, Weider, Muscular Development, Infinite Labs...and the list goes on!  Hell, he’s even been fired from his own company, Lee Priest Nutrition.  Priest goes through companies faster than he goes through marriages; and that’s fast!


Muscle Gossip #54- Fight At FIBO

daniel hill 1My parents always told me that there is NEVER a reason to hit a woman. Unfortunately, IFBB Pro Daniel Hill apparently was never taught this lesson. Two weeks ago, Dan and his then-fiance, Nikki Jackson, were attending FIBO in Essen, Germany when Dan surprisingly punched Nikki in the face, knocking her out cold.


Muscle Gossip #51- Cutler's Back In Business / Masters Olympia Returns

jaycutler-md-ad-467jjSince Jay Cutler turned down re-signing with MuscleTech, people have been postulating his next business move. Some have suggested that Cutler had plans to open a night club, a restaurant, or even start a shoe line, but, if those were long shots, the easy money has always been on Jay starting his own supplement line.


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