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Muscle Gossip #62- Jay Cutler Breaking News

JayCutler-MD-Bernal-473The name Jay Cutler is synonymous with success in the world of Bodybuilding. Jay has had a very successful career in the sport both onstage and off. Today, I received several calls from reliable sources about another Jay Cutler victory on the horizon.


Muscle News #61- Shawn Rhoden Dropped

DSC 1525 UCRGHFVVKGLast weekend Shawn Rhoden shocked a majority of the bodybuilding fans and media by winning the IFBB PBW Tampa Pro. I was equally shocked a few days ago when I found out his sponsor, QNT, decided to drop him.


Muscle Gossip #60- Victor Is Out Of The O

vic1IFBB Pro Victor Martinez has been out of lock up for a little more than 3 months and has already gained back a tremendous amount of size. I saw him this past weekend at the IFBB PBW Tampa Pro show and, by the looks of him, you’d never know he recently spent the better part of 2012 behind bars. However, with the 2012 Mr. Olympia only 7 weeks away, it still doesn't look as if Victor should be putting his physique on the line by competing in the O.


Muscle News #59: IFBB Pro Kris Dim Paralyzed

imagesIn 2007, IFBB Pro Kris Dim, 39, came face to face with death when he suffered a tear in the inner wall of his aorta. This potentially fatal incident caused massive blood flow between the layers of the wall of the aorta. The aorta is the highest pressure spot in the body, so when there is a rupture, there is bound to be serious ramafications. Basically, when this rare occurrence happens, the person generally dies very quickly. Aortic dissection has a 80% mortality rate and more than half of the people die before they even get to the hospital. Kris Dim miraculously survived this medical emergency and even competed again after his recovery! Sadly, Kris’ medical troubles only began in 2007. Recently, Kris went back under the knife to repair a stent. When Kris came out of surgery, his doctors told him, “Sorry, you have a spinal cord injury, and there is a chance that you will never walk again.”


Muscle News #58- Shawn Rhoden Ready For Tampa

photoToday, Shawn “Flexatron” Rhoden announced that he will competing in the 2012 IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championship in Tampa, Florida. For this prep he’s been working with Chris “The technician” Aceto, and Chris says that the only people that will be disappointed with how Shaun looks in Tampa are his fellow competitors. With the exception of the Arnold Classic, the IFBB PBW Championships will be the most competitive and deepest line-up of the year.


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