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LegveinYou might be asking why does Ronnie’s leg look like he just finished one of his epic leg days two weeks out from a show when he is just sitting on a plane?  You also may be asking where is Sam Jackson when you need him to scream something ridiculous and aggressive for no reason?  I don’t have any reliable information regarding the whereabouts of Mr. Jackson but I do have the back story to the absurd state of vascularity in Ronnie’s leg… other than the fact that he is still a freak at 48.  As Big Ron was packing for his South East Asia tour he had a small bag of unmarked capsules on his desk that he nonchalantly ask me to pass to him.  Like any other industry junkie I had to inquire as to the origin of these mystery capsules (and try to score some for myself of course).  “What’s in the bag Ronnie?” I asked trying not to sound too interested.  “Our new N.O. pill dude… gonna test it out during my Malaysia tour and see if it meets my standards” Ronnie replied.     

Yesterday I get a text from Ronnie with the title “N.O. pill, I think it’s working” followed by a picture message with the pipe filled alien quad you see above.  Now keep in mind that this was taken after being on a plane for 20 hours and barely eating at all as I’m sure the scheduled flight meals weren’t Mr. Olympia sized portions.  Needless to say I’m pumped to try this new formula (pun intended).

The best part about this whole story is the fact that as the owner of Ronnie Coleman Signature Series™ Big Ron really does test and help formulate his own products even with the unimaginable travel schedule that he has.  I honestly don’t know how the guy does it.  His most recent trip started with a special guest appearance on the new reality show “House of Huge” in Ft. Lauderdale FL on Nov 1 where he gave valuable advice to some of the competitors in this past weekend’s NPC Nationals.  The very next day he began part 2 of the GNC U.S.A tour in San Jose CA that went on to 2 stops in San Francisco, Eugene OR, Portland, Fort Lewis Military base in WA, and then 2 stops in Seattle ending this part of the tour on Nov 6th.  The very next day Big Ron flew from Seattle to Denver to Iceland… yeah Iceland.  After a short stay in Iceland he flew straight to Malaysia with Indonesia and Singapore left before he comes home just in time for Thanksgiving.  After a much deserved break for the Holidays Ronnie will get right back on his tour bus and continue the GNC tour part 3 on Dec 1st.  I don’t see very many athletes, or business owners for that matter, putting in that kind of dedication to their brand. 

That’s all for now but if I receive any other shocking or scandalous images I will be sure to report them to RX Muscle first so be sure to stop back frequently. 

For more information on Ronnie’s supplements go to www.ronniecoleman.net

                For more information on “House of Huge” go to www.houseofhuge.tv