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Backstage at 2012 NPC Nationals With Aaron Singerman #4

Chris "The Real Deal" Cormier

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I bumped into the Chris “The Real Deal” Cormier backstage here at NPC Nationals as he was running to go make sure his client, Brad Rowe, was doing alright. After he finished with Brad I pulled him aside to talk about his training business, and life at the Mecca, Gold’s Gym Venice Beach.

Chris says Team Real Deal Training is growing rapidly, and he is quickly becoming the go to guy for training at Gold’s Venice. “I have a great time training people, doing diets, and helping people with their posing. I get a ton of satisfaction seeing my people do well.” Cormier said.

I had to ask Chris about the craziest thing he’s ever seen at Gold’s Gym Venice… That he could tell me on the record anyway! He said, “Man, there was a posing room that was closed down. It was kinda secluded. I don’t know who or what or not, but some people were having sex in that posing room. You see some condoms left in there. Lol!”

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