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Backstage at 2012 NPC Nationals With Aaron Singerman #3


Steven Silverman- Middleweight

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Last year Steven Silverman placed 2nd at NPC Nationals. He was so close to that IFBB Pro card that he could practically taste it. That placing caused him to reevaluate his prep, and his commitment to the sport. “Going out and partying killed me. I was going out up till four weeks out and drinking. I would look good, but not for the national level. Last year, after that, and I knew I didn’t give it 100%, I had to come back this year and really show them.” He said.

IMG 7680Steve didn’t go out once this year, and the dedication has paid off because Steven is bigger this year, he says 8lbs, and his condition is as good or better.

Steve is a barber by profession, and got into cutting hair during high school. He took a cosmetology class and liked how it put his artistic side to use. Plus, when he got a job cutting hair in high school and was making some good money, he was sold.

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