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BSN's Syntha-6 Bars Declared Best-Tasting!

The 2011 Arnold Fitness Weekend has come and gone and the first BSN SYNTHA-6 Protein Bar Taste-Test is now history.  BSN Nutrition had the gall to pit their new Syntha-6 Protein Bar up against the leading bars on the market.  Not knowing how their product would fare against the likes of Met-Rxs Big 100, Supreme Protein, and Dymatize Elite Gourmet, BSN set up a taste-testing table in their humongous booth and allowed thounsands of fans to sample the newly designed high protein bars.

When all the statistics were tallied, 2 sets of results were generated-one for each flavor of bar.  In the "cookies and cream" category, tasters chose BSN's Syntha-6 bar 43% of the time.  Dymatize's Elite gourmet was the only bar even close with 36% of the votes.   In the "chocolate peanutbutter" category, once again, BSN's Syntha-6 bar took home 1st place honors, garnishing 36% of the vote (Dyamatize's Elite Gourmet, once again, finshed in 2nd).


If these statistics weren't enough, I conducted my very own Rx Muscle celebrity taste test at the Arnold Expo.  In it, Bob Cicherillo, Chris Aceto, and Strongman Bryan Hildebrand chowed down on all 4 bars and each, and every one of them, chose the Syntha-6 bar as their favorite.


What do all these statistics tell us?  Well, I've been raving about these bars for months now.  And it feels good to have some realtime stats to back up the claims I've been making since I tasted the first prototype at the 2010 Olympia.  One weekend of taste-testing and several thousand bars later, I can definitely say that BSN produces the best tasting high protein bar on the market.