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Rx Muscle WWE Monday Night Raw Report: March 7, 2011!

Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his return to Raw!





Raw was Live from Dallas TX this week and the anticipation is building with WrestleMania  just 27 Days away!


From the look of the crowd and all the signs in the house, The fans are anxiously awaiting for the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin


Raw opens up with a video montage of the Undertaker vs. HHH buildup




And at the conclusion The Undertaker makes his way to the ring (with his new Johnny Cash Theme music) and cuts a very uncharacteristically long promo. He goes on to say that many people are saying that this is the year the that "streak" will be broken, and all the years of being in the ring have caught up to him. And some are saying there is only One man who can put an end to the streak and that's the King of Kings The Game  - HHH!

He then goes on to say that with all that being said, Even perhaps the greatest wrestler of all time-Shawn Michaels couldn't end the streak.

(A video is shown of the HBK/Undertaker matches over the last 2 WrestleManias)

The Undertaker then made some stipulations for his match with HHH. He went on to say that there would be no disqualifications, no count outs, and the match would be a No Holds Barred Match!

He then said, that HHH had it right...If the Streak ends, he will die, or HHH will die trying!


The camera then cuts right to the back, and Randy Orton is shown being attacked by CM Punk and the Nexus. Punk gives him a GTS and knocks him out, then orders the Nexus members to drag him to the ring.


After the break, The Nexus continues its assault on Orton in the ring. David Otunga then tells the referee to start a match.





Randy Orton vs. David Otunga (if Otunga loses if is barred from ringside at WM)

A badly beaten Orton gets no offesense in, but at the end sneaks in an RKO for the victory

Winner - Randy Orton



Mason Ryan then stroms the ring to attack Orton, but gets an RKO for his trouble as well. A stare down between Orton and CM Punk then ensues. Orton teases "Punting" a fallen Otunga. Punk raced to the other side of the ring to make the save but was too late. Orton kicks a field goal off the "A-Lister's" head.

With Husky Harris, Michael McGillicuty, and now possibily David Otunga on the shelf...What will CM Punk do with no Nexus members except for Mason Ryan to give him the advatage at WM?


Word then comes down that WWE Champion The Miz is boycotting this week's Raw, due to the unfair treatment he feels he's been receiving.


Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio with Broddus Clay TheMiz AlbertoDelRio

No car this week for Del Rio. Its nice to see the former ECW, and TNA World Champ back on Raw. Word is we might see a heel turn for Captain Charisma in the near future.

Del Rio then calls off the match, saying that if Christian really wants to get him, he needs to defeat Clay first


Back and forth match with Christian hitting a sweet tornado DDT off the 2nd rope.

Winner- Christian


At the end of the match, Del Rio attacks Christian and puts him in the arm bar submission, that put him out of action for 6 months with a torn pec.


A Sin Cara (Mistico) promo is shown hyping his signing with the WWE. mistico




The newest inductee to the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame class joining Shawn Micheals, Hacksaw Duggan, and Bullet Bob Armstrong is.....Sunny (Tammy Sytch)! Sunnuy


Up next a Divas Title Match with Eve facing Nikki Bella NikkiBella

Eve (Champion) vs. Nikki Bella

No Twin Magic switcharoos for the Bella Twins this week...the referee is on to their game.

Eve gets the win with a great spinning neck breaker

Winner - Eve


Next week's guest host of Raw is announced and she is a RX Muscle favorite.... Snooki! Snooki




After the break Micheal Cole announces his special guest referee for his match against Jerry Lawler at WM. Cole says he's a former WWE Champion, he's from Texas, he's a tough SOB, (I think you know where I'm going with this) Cole suckers the fans into thinking the referee will be SCSA. But it's not. But this referee is a former WWE Champion, and he is from Texas.......it's JBL!


JBL cuts a promo on how he will be unbiased and how Lawler has bullyed Cole all these years, and how he hates bullys. Because of that he will be the referee for the match at WM. Just as JBL is about the sign the contact.....Stone Cold's Music hits and Steve Austin makes his way to the ring

The Crowd was electric for the return of SCSA!

After some jawing with JBL Austin gives JBL a quick kick to the gut and delivers a Stone Cold Stunner and a beer bath.

Austin then calls out to the crowd, if they want him to sign the contact to be the special guest referee at WM give him a Hell Yeah! They respond big time and he signs the contact. Austin then goes to outside of the ring to a digected Micheal Cole shakes his hand then gives him a beer bath as well.

Austin heads back to the ring and sees JBL making it to his feet and offers him a beer. The 2 toast and as JBL is drinking his Stevewiser...BAM another Stunner for the Cowboy turn Financial Wizard!





After the break Cole is in the back crying to his Trainer Jack Swagger how Austin ruined his night. Swagger instructs Cole to not worry about anything other than his match against The King. He then goes on to say he will deal with Austin and break is ankle like a twig.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus JackSwager Daniel

A quick ending to the match when Sheamus is thrown to the outside and hurts his ankle. Bryan wins by count out

Winner - Daniel Bryan

The announcers then make mention of Sheamus's recent bad luck. Sheamus then takes the mike and challenges Bryan to a US Title Match next week. Vowing that if he loses he will quit the WWE!


R-Truth vs. CM Punk R-TruthCMPunk

Punk wins with an arm lock submission hold.

Winner- CM Punk

* R-Truth's gimmick is getting old...time to go back to the drawing board....heel turn or a move to SmackDown could help?

Mason Ryan then jumps in the ring at the end of the match and pummels Truth.


Vickie Guerrero then announces that Dolph Ziggler is now joining Raw.

Ziggler has his first match as a Raw superstar right away facing the "Shaman of Sexy" John Morrison

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison        DolphZigglerJohn MOrrison

Quick Match with Ziggler getting the win after a Zig Zag

Winner - Dolph Ziggler

*The powers that be continue to misuse JoMo IMO.


The anonymous Raw General Manager then announces (through Jerry Lawler) that though Ziggler has joined Raw, Vickie has not. But if she does want to be hired onto Raw she will need to face and beat her opponent next week...Former WWE Women's Champ Trish Stratus! The crowd erupts into a huge "goodbye" chant







To close the show John Cena has his response to the Rock's rant on him on last week's Raw. Cena


Cena does another rap that's' far from PG and calls out The Rock to actually show up to the show and stop hiding behind the camera. As he is ending his rap The Miz attacks him from behind...then of all things gives him a Peoples Elbow!

The Miz gives a promo over the fallen Cena. TheMiz




All in all it was a great show with the return of WWE Legends Stone Col, and JBL. It was also good to see The Miz showing some strength going into his title match at WM.





In other Wrestling News:


-          Former WWE Superstar and member of Cryme Time Shad Gaspard was arrested in Columbus Ohio for supposed jaywalking this weekend while attending the Arnold Sports Festival.

-          On March 4th Former WCW World Champion Actor David Arquette  was involved in a head on car crash and suffered moderate injuries

-          In a recent chat with fans TNA Talent and former WCW Head Eric Bischoff had this to say in regards to the number of Wrestling PPVs there are. ""Definitely need to drop the number of PPV's," said Bischoff. "The business isn't hot enough to sustain the current number and doing them hurts the long term viability of the category."

-          Rumored matches for the WrestleMania 27 undercard are: John Morrison, Kelly Kelly and Trish Stratus vs. Dolph Ziggler, Layla and Michelle McCool. Ezekiel Jackson, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett vs. Big Show, Christian, Kane and Kofi Kingston. And Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio

-          Scott Hall (Razor Ramon) was sentenced on  March 7th to 3 months probation by a Tampa Fl court  for his recent arrest last year for resisting arrest and public intoxication

-          HHH's New movie The Chaperone will be available for rental starting today


And stay tuned for my exclusive interview from the 2011 Arnold Weekend with TNA Superstar and Wrestling Legend - Kurt Angle!

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