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The Rx Muscle WWE News & Raw Report

WWE Raw on February 28, 2011 was live from The HSBC Arena

Buffalo, New York


Okay wrestling fans, WrestleMania 27 is in 34 days away and the card is beginning to take shape!



At the opening of WWE Raw.... 13 Time WWE Champion, The Game, The King Of Kings, The Cerebral Assassin, Triple H is on the scene!!!


The Crowd went nuts for Trips.  He is over with the fans! In his promo he went over the highlights of his career, and talked about the parallels of his career to the Undertaker's. He said, at Wrestlemania, the "streak" will die, thus the Undertaker will die!

Shaemus then comes to ringside, Triple H kicks him to the ground and throws him out of the ring, and attacks him on the outside. Trips then puts Shaemus on the announcement table and Pedigrees him through the table!



After the break Shaemus is being helped to the back and then the Anonymous Raw General Manager makes an announcement, through Jerry Lawler. He states that although Shaemus was attacked he is still having a match tonight. And his match is against returning superstar Evan Bourne!



Shaemus vs. Evan Bourne

Quick match, and Bourne hits the "Air Bourne" for the pin

Winner- Evan Bourne



Shaemus is falling quickly in the ranks of the WWE!



Michael Cole now comes to the ring to respond to Jerry Lawler's challenge for WM. Calls Lawler out and tells him to get his butt in the ring.


Cole states he will never back down from a fight, but won't face the King unless. He can have his "Trainer at ringside, and also gets to pick the referee for the match. The King accepts his stipulations.

Cole Announces his "Trainer" as former World Champion and SmackDown Star Jack Swagger. Cole taunts Lawler and as Jerry goes after Cole Swagger takes him down in a Ankle lock.

Cole and Swagger stand over a fallen Jerry Lawler





Stone Cold Steve Austin is announced that he will appear on Raw next week!




Randy Orton comes to the ring and hypes his feud against CM Punk. Punk then appears with the New Nexus and says that he and Nexus are ready to take Orton out.

The Raw GM then chimed in announcing Orton vs. Punk at WrestleMania, However if Orton can beat each individual member of the Nexus over the next few weeks, The Nexus will be banned from ringside at WM. And over the next few weeks series of match vs. Orton If there is illegal interference the Raw GM will Disband the group. And Orton's first match against Nexus is tonight against Michael McGilicuty



Randy Orton vs. Michael McGilicuty

Good showing for the son of Mr. Perfect Curt Hening, but McGillicuty just doesn't have enough to stop the Viper. Orton hits the RKO for the win!

Winner- Randy Orton


Orton then punts him in the skull ,and then leaves the ring as Nexus pursues him a la what happened to Husky Harris a few weeks ago



The Miz is now announced and he comes to ringside with Alex Riley. Michael Cole as usual marks out big time



The Champ talks about how John Cena's days are numbered, and The Rock's days in the spotlight are way over. Hypes the match at WM. States Cena should only be worrying about him, not rapping, and not worrying about  The Rock

He also goes on to say at WM he will beat Cena, then beat The Rock, so he will be known as the greatest Superstar ever in the WWE.

John Cena's music hits and he comes down to the ring. Cena has a huge obnoxious Doctors' Note with him stating The Miz has OCD and goes into a funny rant on The Miz.

Cena then goes on to say if The Miz truly wants to have a lasting legacy he needs to stand alone and fire A-Ry. Cena challenges the Miz to some stipulations. He wants to face Alex Riley, and if he wins The Miz fires Riley.

The Miz accepts, under the condition if A-Ry wins he acknowledges The Miz's greatness. Cena accepts.

The Raw GM then announces the match will be in a Steel Cage to insure no interference. No pin falls, the only way to win the match is to escape!


Diva Battle Royal with Eve (Diva's Champion) at Ringside on commentary

The winner will earn the right to face Eve for the title


Brie Bella with another switcharoo for the win.


Winner- Brie Bella


The Rock now is shown on the TitanTron cracking on Cena. (The Rock's promo was pretaped from his home)All of The Rock's former titles are shown in the background

He states he has Cena's attention now . Continues to rag on Cena's attire and gimmick. And says Cena started all off this by calling him a liar and insulting him and his love for the WWE.

Tells the story how he grew up in the WWE through his family's involvement in Pro Wrestling, and how he paved the way for Cena.

The Rock says he will make Cena pay for running his mouth. The Rock then gives the crowd his own rap and vows make Cena smell what The Rock is cooking!



After the break Shawn Michaels (In a taped interview) speaks on the upcoming WM match with Triple H and The Undertaker. He compares the 2 wrestlers and their histories and styles. He states he thinks Triple H can end the Streak, but he if does He's not sure how he will feel about it.



Daniel Bryan (US Champion) is attacked while coming to the ring by The Miz


Steel Cage Match Main Event - John Cena vs. Alex Riley with The Miz at ringside on commentary

Even though The Miz gave his word that he wouldn't interfere in the match he kept interjecting himself In the action. At one point taking pictures of Cena on his Cell Phone. The hands his phone to A-Ry which is used to clock Cena. Match goes back and forth until Cena forces his way through the cage door for the win. But as he escapes the cage Miz is there to attack him and deliver a Skull Crushing Finale on the floor.


Winner- John Cena

Now we will have to see next week if A-Ry will be fired



In Other Pro Wrestling News:

- TNA Wrestling Head Honcho Dixie Carter is catching a lot of flak for TNA's recent 3-3-11 promo at the end of last week's Impact. This promo is being seen by some fans as a blatant rip off of the WWE's Undertaker vignettes. Dixie's Twitter account  had tons of negative posts after Thursday's broadcast. TNA lack of creativity recently is hurting their cred with even long time fans

- The WWE recently signed Mexican Superstar Mistico or as he will be called Sin Cara. Cara is in the mold of Rey Mysterio

- Former Hardcore Legend the massive Abdullah the Butcher is a rumored addition to the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame as is NWA legend "Bullet" Bob Armstrong. Armstrong is the father of former New Age Outlaw and Tag Champ The Road Dogg Jessie James

- Rey Mysterio is up in the air about extending his contact. As many know, Mysterio has been plagued by many knee injuries these last few years

- Former WWE Wrestler and Intercontinental Champ The HonkyTonk Man recent posted a scathing blog lambasting Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff for backstabbing Vince McMahon and disrespecting the business

- SPOILER ALERT - Expect to see a Former Multiple time World Champ make their appearance felt on TNA's Impact on 3/3/11 in a Huge title match



Have a great week everyone. I'm off to the Arnold and am looking forward to a great show!


Until next time

-The TradeMark