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With Dubai Success, Sheru Classic Plans to Expand in 2017

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The Sheru Classic is considered a pioneer in bringing health, fitness and wellness exhibitions, and events to India.  Before 2011 there was no health and fitness expo in India or even a professional bodybuilding show.  The launch of Sheru Classic in 2011 was the beginning of a new era of fitness, bodybuilding athletes and fans in India.  After the IHFF-Sheru Classic in October 2016 -- in colleboration with ABEC -- the Sheru Classic was all set to go international.

After 5 years Sheru Classic achieved another milestone by becoming the first Indian company in the health, fitness and wellness industry to expand outside India with the launch of Sheru Classic Dubai.  From November 24th to 26th the Fitness Expo Dubai was organised in association with Sheru Classic Dubai.

With support of Mr .Jim Manion IFBB pro league chairman and Mr. Robin Chang, Vice President of Mr.Olympia LLC, Sheru Aangrish and Hemant Aangrish executed Sheru Classic Dubai with perfection. Top IFBB pros competed in Sheru Classic Dubai, with a very tough line up on stage Oxygen Gym Kuwait.  Bodybuilder Roelly Winklaar stole the show winning a qualification into the 2017 Mr. Olympia and the top honors of the Sheru Classic Dubai.

Newly turned pro Hadi Choopan finish impressive second place in his first pro show bringing in perfect combination of symmetry and size.  Varinder singh Ghuman from India finished in top 10 and total cash awards were $35,000 in Sheru Classic Dubai.