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Houston, Wii Have a Problem... Trainer Sues Nintendo over Wii Fit!

A California fitness trainer is suing the video game company Nintendo, asking them to pull its Wii Fit games from shelves claiming it's "contributing to the epidemic of obesity."


Alex Roid-riguez: Who's Breaking the Law?

Sometime in early 2004, then IRS special agent Jeff Novitzky (he works for the FDA now), entered a diagnostic testing facility in Long Beach, California with a search warrant to confiscate 10 urine samples belonging to clients of BALCO.  Novitzky left with not 10, but over 1,200.  He took them all!  He also took a computer disk which had the positive steroid test results for 104 players.  Interestingly, at the time, Barry Bonds was in Novitzky's crosshairs; however, Bonds was not one of the names on the failed drug test list.  Nevertheless, when this evidence was presented in court, the judge sealed the results.  Those records are still sealed today where they sit in a 9th circuit court.


Priest Opts for Surgery!

Lee Priest has announced that he won't be competing, as originally planned, in the IFBB Australian or New Zealand Grand Prix events.  Instead, he's opting to have surgery on his torn biceps muscle this coming Wednesday in his home country of Australia.  Priest, who hasn't competed in the IFBB since 2006 where he placed 1st at the IFBB Ironman Pro and 6th at the Arnold Classic will have to wait until 2010 to makes his much anticipated comeback to an IFBB stage.  Assuming the torn biceps tendon can be properly reattached, Priest, still in his early 30's, should have no problems making a successful return in the early part of next year.  While his physical body seems to be as freaky as ever, one can only wonder whether his mind is still as determined and as confidant as it usually is after this latest setback.  However, if Priest's competitive history has taught us anything; it's to never count him out!  We, at RXMUSCLE.com, wish Lee a quick and successful recovery!  

Gunter is Back!

Gunter is Back!But is he back for the right reasons?

Every man has a destiny laid out for him. Some know it and pursue it. Others bumble along until destiny has been shown to him. Gunter on the other hand has come and gone and can't seem to find it - sort of like losing your car keys.

Is he back for the right reasons or does he need an excuse to stay in shape for that elusive movie contract?


Who Could Hate John and Dave?Many would describe it as a “cyber riot” that erupted after MD publisher Steve Blechman abruptly and unceremoniously fired Dave Palumbo and me from our executive positions at Muscular Development. For the last week, he and his staff have struggled with a barrage of subscription cancellations, members fleeing the site for refuge elsewhere, and mountains of posts in our favor...