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PROSVILLEUSA"Prosville" is my new name for Bev and Steve's Powerhouse gym in Syosset, NY. Just like when Motown records was called "Hittsville" in the 60s because of all the hits they were producing, the same can be said for Bev's Gym because of all the pros they have walking in and out of their doors.





Chain of Events-- A Fictional Supposition!

"Meinhard!... What is it you have there?"

Looking up with the expression of a dog caught in the garbage can, Meinhard shrugged, sheepishly wishing he had seen the teacher's approach sooner. How quickly things deflate. Moments ago every boy in the class stood around him, staring in awe at the stack of magazines he had smuggled in to school. Now, those same friends have scattered, leaving him caught red-handed and even more red-faced.


2009 NPC Steve Stone New York Metropolitans!

NYMETSThe 2009 NPC Steve Stone New York Metropolitan Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, and Bikini Championships help in conjunction with the IFBB New York City Pro Fitness Championships kick off the New York Metro District contest year on April 11 at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center in downtown Manhattan.  You won't want to miss this highly anticipated start to a fantastic 2009 calendar year.  Come down and meet the RX MUSCLE crew as we cover Steve Weinberger's tribute contest to his great friend and now-deceased vice chairman, Steve Stone!




Is Dennis Wolf the Third Smalley Brother?

WOLF-SMALLEYA reunion of sorts took place at the 2009 Arnold classic when Dennis 
Wolfe ran into his  long lost brothers! Looking  at the German giant 
standing next to Rob Smalley, the resemblance is uncanny.....  Could Mr. 
G, Rob and Dennis be long lost brothers?  I think it's time to get a DNA test!






The Incredible Ed Corney!

corneygotit2When we think of iconic bodybuilders we seldom think of Ed Corney.  I don't know why that is.  While he was a shining star during the golden age of bodybuilding, (and even according to Arnold, one of the best posers of all time), his name is not spoken with the same reverence as Arnold, Franco and Louie.