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2009 IFBB New York Pro Preview

EvanCentopaniThis Saturday New York City is playing host once again to the IFBB New York Pro.  For some reason this show -- even way back when it was called the Night of Champions - has always been a freak attraction.  And that's what the New York crowd wants.  This year, true to form, a freak show is coming to Tribeca Performing Arts Center.  The line-up is not only impressive in the open class, but the Under 202 class looks just as lethal. Starting with EDUARDO CORREA from Brazil. Many of you remember Eduardo as the winner of 2nd Cyber Classic that Dave and I put on for that other magazine/website we worked for.  Eduardo also won the Arnold amateur contest held the same weekend. And, more recently, he won the 202 class at Jim Manion's Pittsburgh Pro.


John Romano Named Official Steroid Expert for ESPN!

ESPN talk radio personality Seth Everett named yours truly "the official steroid expert for the Seth Everett show." Everett made the announcement during an interview with me concerning Manny Ramirez's use of HCG. He said "You are considered an authority on this so I want to get your opinion.... You are now the official steroid expert for the Seth Everett show." Considering the listening audience of ESPN is in the millions, this was a really sweet little victory for RX Muscle today.


Toney Freeman Still Working with Palumbo!

XmanPalumboI'm trying to distance myself from all the MD bullshit, but sometimes - unfortunately many times - Blechman and company just go too far.  It's one thing for Blechman to coerce guys he has under contract to sever their relationships with Dave and me; or even go so far as to convince those under contract that Dave and his diet are bad for their career and that they should work with Oscar, Hany or Chad instead.  And let's not forget Blechman turning his deformed little pitbull Valentino on me!  It's just all stupid shit that no one is buying anyway. MD's plunging traffic numbers are all the amusement I need.  That is, until Blechman decided to blatantly lie in order to score points in the stupid "Carb Wars" he lost months ago.  Now, I have to say something to set the record straight.


Tantric Sex: The Ultimate Workout!

The old adage- "all sex is good, but some is better than others"- is a bunch of hooey. After all, if every day is a good day, how do you know a good one from a bad one? For some "great sex" is a rarity or something they've only read about. Others think they have great sex all the time. For still others, "great sex" is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. There is such a thing as bad sex. Just ask a teenage girl fresh out of the back seat of a dirty old car after 3-1/2 minutes of wham-bam-thank-you-mam-style high school affection.


2009 IFBB New York Pro!

NEW YORK PROSteve Weinberger's New York Pro Show will take place on Saturday May 16, 2009 at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center (Manhattan College) in downtown Manhattan on Chambers Street.  Don't miss as the best men and women bodybuilders in the world (from over 15 countries) vie for the coveted title of New York Pro Champion.  Let's not forget the prize money and the stunning engraved New York Pro ring that will be given to this year's men's champion.  Look for names like Evan Centopani (making his pro debut), Markus Ruhl, Kevin English, and Silvio Samuel.  On the women's side, look out for Cathy LeFrancois (looking to redeem her poor Arnold Classic showing), Debbie Bramwell, Dena Westerfield, and many more.