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BREAKING NEWS: Masoom Butt Out of the 212 Olympia!


Masoom Butt Out of the 212 Olympia!


Pakistani Born Bodybuilder Masoom Butt semi- exploded onto the 212 competition stage in 2012  having placed 2nd at the Toronto Pro, 3rd at the Sheru , 5th at the British Grand Prix and 6th at the EVL Pro in Prague.


The Technician Takes Cutler to the Olympia!

aceto-cutlert's on! Jay Cutler has officially hired 'The Technician' Chris Aceto as Jay attempts to make history and win back his crown as Mr Olympia. This startling news comes only 9 weeks from the big event. According to Chris, the merger shouldn't come as a total surprise. “Jay started bodybuilding with me & I was writing diets for him when no one knew who he was 21 years ago...




Ronnie Coleman Welcomes the Smallest RCSS Member!



Join the Rx Family in congratulating Ronnie Coleman and his much better half Susan, as they welcomed a new daughter into the world on July 1, 2013. Sophia Beatrice Coleman was born a spry 5lbs and 11oz and more than just a few days early, Ronnie and Susan couldn't be happier. Our best to Ronnie, Susan and Sophia.


2014 IFBB MOZOLANI CLASSIC: Slovakia's First Professional Bodybuilding and Figure Contest



The IFBB Professional League has seen unrivaled growth in recent years and that trend continues its upward trajectory with the 2014 IFBB Mozolani Pro Classic, May 4 at the Doxxbet Arena in Zilina, Slovakia. Co-promoters Andrej Mozolani and Igor Kopcek will host top-ranked IFBB competitors in the 212 and figure divisions as Slovakia becomes the latest to join the list of countries to have its first-ever IFBB Pro League event.  The winners of each division will qualify for the 2014 IFBB Olympia 212 Showdown and Figure Olympia.