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"The Heroes & Weirdos of The Gym World": Part I

300 77774"The Heroes & Weirdos of The Gym World": Part I

Over the years many of us has met these characters, and they made marks in our minds and will probably live there forever. I am talking about the weirdos of the gyms. This article is reminiscing over my encounters with them and the gyms over the last years. I must confess that it was really amusing and uplifting to write this article and take a look in the rear mirror back in time.


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MUSCLE PHARM $10,000 “THE ASSAULT” Obstacle Course

The 2013 Europa Phoenix Expo will be host to the 4th & final MUSCLEPHARM $10,000 Obstacle Course of the year. 
It's free to enter, so with that much money up for grabs - why wouldn't you?


The Protein Cookie Company 30 Days of Cookies Giveaway

Do you like cookies? Do you like cookies that are made specifically with fitness enthusiasts in mind?The Protein Cookie Company is doing something incredible! They are giving away a half dozen cookies a day for 30 days! All you need to do is Like Their Facebook Page and you are officially entered to win Sept 26th – Oct 26th! It's that simple.


Men's and Women's Physique Olympia Predictions


Men's and Women's Physique Olympia Showdown Predictions - By Big Lou Uridel


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