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Mike Francois: “I never got to finish what I started.”

23-Mike-Francois-foto-thumbI found a dusty box containing old bodybuilding magazines. Beneath them I also found some old VHS tapes. One of them was the Mr. Olympia cassette from 1995.


Steve Kuclo Tries to Save Life After Winning In Rio!

Muscle Central forum member TammyP posted a story about  Arnold Classic Brazil winner Steve Kuclo's attempt to save a life on the plane trip back from Rio.

Here is her post in its entirety:Just wanted to give everyone an update regarding our trip home from Rio and the Arnold Brasil. We unfortunately had to make an emergency landing in Costa Rica due to medical complications of a passenger.

About 2 hours into the flight a lady just in front of me to the right, was complaining of sharp pains in her stomach.


Steve Kuclo Wins Arnold Classic Brazil! Results

Here are the results of the 2014 Arnold Classic Brazil.

Quote from Dave Palumbo in RxMuscle's play by play in Muscle Central:

"I know people are all up in arms that Kuclo won. No one should be more upset than Lionel Beyeke who probably had the best overall package tonight"


Season of the Experts: Arnold Brazil 2014

Season of the Experts: Arnold Brazil 2014

Join in another round of the 2014 RX “Season of the Experts” and see what our panel of bodybuilding experts has to say about 10 of the upcoming IFBB-pro shows and the competitor’s abilities to place in on the top 10-list.

The panel will analyze and judge the competitors physiques and make a prediction where they think the athletes will place among a group of 10. The experts will compete against each other and will have their own scorecard. After the show they will win points for every correct answer and this will be registered and counted together.

Between the shows we will see how the experts stand in their point rankings and hopefully at the end of 2014 we will have our own "Season of the Expert’s winner.

May the best man win! 


"Transgendered Athletes - Overcoming Adversity"

Chloie"Transgendered Athletes - Overcoming Adversity"


Some things in life are simple. Other things may appear to be cut-and-dried on the surface, but are actually far more complex than you think. In order to have a fighting chance of understanding, appreciating, and perhaps even learning something from this article, the reader needs to have an open mind. Today's topic is 'Transgendered Athletes in Competitive Sports' – an increasingly pertinent subject in today's collegiate, amateur, and professional level sports.