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Kilted Men Have Healthier, Robust Sperm!



You might credit the legendary Scottish male virility of past time to single malt whiskey, or the sometimes brutal weather, or the fact that haggis is the national dish, but a Dutch researcher is proposing another answer:

"Men wearing a kilt experience a strong sense of freedom and masculinity," says a researcher. Here Tim Propst, of Lincoln County, N.C., throws a hammer during the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in Linville, N.C. in July 2012.

It was the kilts.


North Korea Takes Over... Bodybuilding?!

BurneikaThe media loves to blow things out of proportion. The latest rhetoric spewing out of our nightly news programs is the ongoing drama between the half-assed threats made by North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, and the United States Government, as they seem to be taking it somewhat serious.


So You Want to Compete?


ronnie-coleman-glutesI’ve been helping people compete since 1999. In that time I’ve helped a few hundred people step on stage. I enjoy it and consider myself very lucky to be able to make a living as a consultant in this industry.


Attention All Pros: Use Your Pro Cards!

abbas khatamiIf you’re a huge bodybuilding fan like me then you follow the NPC just as closely as the IFBB. And no other NPC shows are more exciting to watch than the Nationals, USA’s, and North Americans. Today, more pro cards are handed out than ever before. But without fail, more and more competitors opt not to compete in their first year as a pro and many more choose to compete only a few times over their first 3 years. Yet, more times than not, it’s the same guys who can’t seem to figure out why their placings are low. The take home message: new guys, you want to place well, get out and compete.


Drugs, Sex, & Bodybuilding

drug stackBodybuilding really isn’t as complicated as everyone wants to make it out to be. Set a goal, learn your body, design a training, nutrition, and drug program, execute, and before long you’ll be at your goal: smothered in pussy. Wait, what’s he talking about? Let’s get real for a minute, even the most hardcore guys out there got into bodybuilding for one thing – to get chicks.


Never Looking Back Workout Preview - GregPlitt.com



"Winning isn't everything, but training to win is. Having the will to win, that is everything." Train to win with Greg as he leads you through his new Never Looking Back Workout. Make it through the barrage of exercises in this grueling back workout and, not only will you unleash the growth, but you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you put the work in today, so you don't have to wonder "what if" tomorrow. Greg shows you how to give it your all now, so you never have to look back on your life with regret later.  Your greatest achievement isn't in the past, it's still to come...ensure you're ready for it!


Breaking Down The IFBB'S Hottest Prospects

Cedric-1The 1990’s saw some of the greatest physiques in the history of bodybuilding. The 2000’s brought in even more genetic freaks with the dominance of Coleman and the consistency of Cutler. Now, Phil Heath sits high atop the mountain as the greatest bodybuilder in the world. But, like all things, change will come and the mighty will inevitably fall. What direction will bodybuilding take as the new generation of bodybuilders takes the lead in the IFBB? Will we see a return of the classic physique? Will mass monsters rule the day? Or will a young gun surprise everyone and contend with Heath for his crown? Follow along as I break down the hottest prospects in the IFBB, who looks to have the best chance for success this season and who can make a run at Phil’s title.