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Ronnie Coleman Welcomes the Smallest RCSS Member!



Join the Rx Family in congratulating Ronnie Coleman and his much better half Susan, as they welcomed a new daughter into the world on July 1, 2013. Sophia Beatrice Coleman was born a spry 5lbs and 11oz and more than just a few days early, Ronnie and Susan couldn't be happier. Our best to Ronnie, Susan and Sophia.


2014 IFBB MOZOLANI CLASSIC: Slovakia's First Professional Bodybuilding and Figure Contest



The IFBB Professional League has seen unrivaled growth in recent years and that trend continues its upward trajectory with the 2014 IFBB Mozolani Pro Classic, May 4 at the Doxxbet Arena in Zilina, Slovakia. Co-promoters Andrej Mozolani and Igor Kopcek will host top-ranked IFBB competitors in the 212 and figure divisions as Slovakia becomes the latest to join the list of countries to have its first-ever IFBB Pro League event.  The winners of each division will qualify for the 2014 IFBB Olympia 212 Showdown and Figure Olympia.



Prize Money for 2013 Olympia Raised to $950,000!



The Olympia. Where Legends Are Made. Conceived by Joe Weider, the 1965 Mr. Olympia, which was comprised of past Mr. Universe winners (at the time, the highest accolade in the sport), decided once-and-for-all who was truly the best. The physiques that won on this stage, names like Scott, Schwarzenegger, Zane, Haney, Yates, Coleman, Cutler, Heath and others, will echo through the ages. Today, the Olympia is more than just the greatest bodybuilding contest in the world, it is the greatest event in the sport, representing all eight divisions of the IFBB Professional League and home to an enormous expo with hundreds of health and fitness vendors and exciting sports and exhibitions for competitors and fans alike. Yes, the Olympia is far and away the ultimate achievement in the sport, and it is befitting that the total prize money, which has increased to $950,000, is a new record for the bodybuilding and fitness industry. The total cash prize for the Mr. Olympia will be $650,000, with $250,000, the coveted Sandow and a place in bodybuilding history going to the winner. The 212 Showdown has increased to $60,000 and the Bikini Olympia to $40,000 in total prize money, respectively.


It all happens September 26-29 in America’s playground, Las Vegas, NV when Ultimate Nutrition presents the 2013 IFBB Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend, brought to you by Bodybuilding.com. It’s not too late to get your tickets. Go to MrOlympia.com now!



Mr. Olympia: $650,000

212 Showdown: $60,000

Ms. Olympia: $60,000

Fitness Olympia: $60,000

Figure Olympia: $60,000

Bikini Olympia: $40,000

Men’s Physique Showdown: $10,000

Women’s Physique Showdown: $10,000

Total: $950,000


How Acupuncture Can Help You Stay Healthy and Get Back in the Gym Quicker After an Injury

Grabbed Frame 4How Acupuncture Can Help You Stay Healthy and Get Back in the Gym Quicker After an Injury

By Dylan Stein, MS, L.Ac.


Bodybuilding is an incredibly rewarding pursuit, but lifting heavy weights puts stress on your bones, tendons, ligaments and certainly your muscles. That doesn’t mean you should stop lifting, but it does mean you should know how to lift safely and smartly.