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Never Looking Back Workout Preview - GregPlitt.com



"Winning isn't everything, but training to win is. Having the will to win, that is everything." Train to win with Greg as he leads you through his new Never Looking Back Workout. Make it through the barrage of exercises in this grueling back workout and, not only will you unleash the growth, but you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you put the work in today, so you don't have to wonder "what if" tomorrow. Greg shows you how to give it your all now, so you never have to look back on your life with regret later.  Your greatest achievement isn't in the past, it's still to come...ensure you're ready for it!


Breaking Down The IFBB'S Hottest Prospects

Cedric-1The 1990’s saw some of the greatest physiques in the history of bodybuilding. The 2000’s brought in even more genetic freaks with the dominance of Coleman and the consistency of Cutler. Now, Phil Heath sits high atop the mountain as the greatest bodybuilder in the world. But, like all things, change will come and the mighty will inevitably fall. What direction will bodybuilding take as the new generation of bodybuilders takes the lead in the IFBB? Will we see a return of the classic physique? Will mass monsters rule the day? Or will a young gun surprise everyone and contend with Heath for his crown? Follow along as I break down the hottest prospects in the IFBB, who looks to have the best chance for success this season and who can make a run at Phil’s title.


Joe Weider Dead at 93!


joe-weiderMarch 23, 2013. The Master Blaster Joe Weider—founder of modern day bodybuilding—has died.  Weider started the bodybuilding magazine revolution in this country with Your Physique magazine in the Summer of 1940; and later down the road, titles such as Muscle and Fitness and FLEX would become his trademark best-selling periodicals.



No Guts No Glory: Bloated Bodybuilders

gutNo Guts No Glory: Bloated Bodybuilders

I might be the only person in bodybuilding who doesn’t have his panties in a bind over the so-called“gut problem” with IFBB bodybuilders. Every forum I visit and every radio show I listen to, it seems like everyone wants to rehash and belly ache over the Arnold Classic lineup of distended stomachs. Arnold himself even went so far as to call them all 8 months pregnant.


Greg Plitt - Deltoid Dominance!



"Strength is not found in the victory, it's found in the hardships and what you overcome to get the victory."  Prepare for great hardship, as Greg leads you through Deltoid Dominance, his punishing shoulder workout that will hit your delts from every angle with exercises you have never seen before.  This all out assault on your shoulders is guaranteed to unleash the growth while it tests your desire to achieve your true potential.  Make it through Deltoid Dominance, and not only will you master the gym, but you just might find the confidence to master life.


The Pussification of The Modern Bodybuilder

jay sleepingI keep wracking my brain on what made the bodybuilders of the 1990’s as a whole better than the guys we see today. I’ve gone back and looked at the diets, the training, the drugs, and the supplements, but I keep coming up with no definitive conclusion. Were we just in a rare era of ridiculous genetic freaks or was I missing something entirely all together? Maybe it wasn’t related to bodybuilding at all. We’ve all heard of the expression, “The Pussification of America.” Is it possible the overall apathy that plagues American culture has bled into the world of bodybuilding?


Plan B Should Be More Than The Morning After Pill

BrewerWhat is it about competitive bodybuilding that breeds extreme dedication and focus, but at the same time breeds incredible laziness? I write this on the eve of the 2013 Arnold Classic and can’t help but think that the vast majority of competitors in the lineup rely solely on competition earnings, media contracts, and supplement deals to finance their careers and day-to-day lives. How many of these men actually have a retirement plan? How many own a home? How many struggle just to pay their bills? But how can you feel sympathy when a large chunk of these athletes refuse to hold down day jobs?