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What if Arnold Schwarzenegger Was At His Peak Today?

adsfadWhat if Arnold Schwarzenegger Was At His Peak Today?
By Geoff Roberts

As we rapidly approach the 2013 Mr. Olympia contest I cannot help but ponder something I have been discussing with other bodybuilding fans for years. How would Arnold Schwarzenegger do at this year’s Mr. Olympia contest or in modern times in general, assuming he was born in the mid-1980s? This would put the Austrian Oak in his bodybuilding prime going into this year’s show!


The Death of Swedish Bodybuilding?

dfdfThe Death of Swedish Bodybuilding?

By Anders Ando Eskilsson

This article is taking a closer look at how the new and more restrictive laws for both using and selling anabolic steroids (AAS) affects the bodybuilding scene in Sweden.


The Effects of NSAIDs on Muscle Growth

musclekidThe Effects of NSAIDs on Muscle Growth

Each and every time we head for a workout (gym or otherwise), we want to make improvements.  I don't know too many people working out who aren't trying on some level to get better, whether it be a better physique, better health or better performance in a sport.  Better muscle = Better physique, better health and better performance!  Therefore, at least some of your workout time is dedicated to developing muscle, even if you don't think so.  


16 New IFBB Pros Are Coming out of Canada! Wrap-up of the 2013 CBBF Nationals

947210 211537002303974 1388983384 n16 New IFBB Pros Are Coming out of Canada! Wrap-up of the 2013 CBBF Nationals

It was that time of year again. Competitors across Canada were competing in their provincial championships, aiming to place Top 5 in order to qualify and compete at the CBBF Nationals, where the overall winners would take home the coveted IFBB Pro Card.  


BodyPower Goes Pro


14bodypowerBodyPower is proud to announce the introduction of an IFBB Pro Show at the 2014 expo.


In a major coup for the ever-evolving BodyPower Expo, the official IFBB sanctioned BodyPower Pro will be the only pro show taking place in the UK.


After five successful years, the loyal BodyPower following has grown accustomed to seeing amateur competitions featured within the UK’s number one fitness expo. For the sixth installment, BodyPower has taken it up a notch with the BodyPower Pro, taking center stage within the three-day fitness phenomena.