Fitness Factoids: Volume 35

Fitness Factoids: Volume 35

Liver and Muscles CommThe-Human-Body-is-a-Machine-620x350unicate to Burn Fat

A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, and published in the journal Nature, has discovered that the liver and skeletal muscle communicate with one another during lipogenesis (fat burning). The study found that the liver produces a fat burning molecule known as PPAR delta, and that skeletal muscle produces a fat burning molecule called PPAR alpha. The signal to burn fat originates in the liver via PPAR delta, which then sends a phospholipid molecule to skeletal muscle to signal PPAR alpha to burn fat. Obesity has been found to lead to disruptions in production of PPAR alpha/delta, and scientists believe uncovering how the phospholipid through the body will lead to new treatment methods to combat obesity.



Indian Gooseberry Acts As an Effective Anti-inflaIndian Gooseberrymmatory

A study published in The British Journal of Nutrition has found that Indian Gooseberry, one of the traditional plants used in Ayurveda medicine, has shown anti-inflammatory effects in cellular and animal studies. The study examined the effects of a commercially available gooseberry extract on human endothelial cells that been exposed to pro-inflammatory agents. Researchers found that once the gooseberry extract was introduced to the cells significant reductions in the inflammatory marker IL-6 and pro-inflammatory cytokines.


HRT Reduces Metabolic Syndrome

A study by the Internationamale-hormone-replacement-therapyl Journal of Clinical Practice has found more evidence to support the use of supplemental testosterone to restore hormones to normal physiological levels. The study tracked ages 33-69 who began receiving TRT, and continued to monitor them over a five year period. Prior to beginning treatment, and again after receiving each treatment, the men were gave blood samples to test for levels of fasting glucose, cholesterol, hemoglobin A1c, liver enzymes, and C-reactive protein. At the conclusion of the study researchers found that the everyman showed reductions in symptoms leading researchers to believe that restoring normal hormonal function has the ability to improve overall health and wellness in the body.


Moderate Exercise Prevents Depression

The positive effects of exercise on mrockyental health have been well discussed and well proven empirically, but new research conducted by the University of Toronto has been able to back those claims scientifically. The study, which was published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, has found that moderate exercise has the ability to prevent depression. Data that was collect from twenty-six years of researching findings was able to show that as little as 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise per day such as walking or gardening was enough to prevent depression in all age groups. Authors of the study note that while there is a genetic component to depression, it does appear that exercise has the ability to mitigate the effects of depression in many people.



Insecticide DDT Linked to Obesity

The insecticide DDT was banned nearly fifty years ago once its toxic nature was documented in the book “Silent Spring.” However, new information that was published in the journal BBC Medicine has revealed that the toxic chemical may have caused epigenetic damage to untold numbers of people. Researchers at Washington State University tested the epigenetic effects of DDT on lab rats. The team found that first and second generation rats who were exposed displayed little to no side effects, but in the third generation post-exposure nearly fifty percent of the offspring developed obesity. Researchers call it  ”transgenerational epigenetic inheritance”, and note that we may currently be exposed to a number of dangerous chemicals that have yet to fully impact us.


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