Fitness Factoids: Volume 27

Fitness Factoids: Volume 27


Broccoli May Help Prebroccoli cartoon 003vent Arthritis

A new study conducted by the University of Anglia suggests that eating broccoli may have a preventative effect against developing arthritis. Researchers isolated a compound in broccoli known as sulphoraphane and fed it to two groups of mice. Group one ate a diet high in sulphoraphane; while group two’s diet contained significantly less of the compound. Researchers found the group on a high sulphoraphane diet had reduced cartilage damage and osteoarthritis than the group who did not. Sulphoraphane blocks key enzymes that cause joint destruction and inflammation, mechanisms that may be due to omega-3, omega-6, and arachadonic contained within the compound. Including broccoli in your diet may be a way to help alleviate joint pain caused by the stresses of heavy training.



Why Do Haters Have To Hate?hi hater

New research conducted by the University of Pennsylvania has unlocked the keys to the age old question – why do haters have to hate? According to the new study, people who tend to dislike everything have what’s being called a negative “dispositional attitude” towards everything. The study, which was recently released in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, found that “Some people may simply be more prone to focusing on others on negative features”. So, the next time someone leaves a ridiculous comment under one of your YouTube videos, remember it’s not their fault – they’re just hardwired to be haters.



Resveratrol Improves Erectile Dysfunction

A study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology has found that resveratrol improves erectile dysfunction in animal models. For the study researchers tested 48 rats to see if supperectile dysfunctionlementing with resveratrol, a potent antioxidant derived from red grapes, could reverse the impact of ED caused by diabetes. Over the course of eight weeks researchers administered either resveratrol, or a saline solution to a group of 48 rats. Upon cessation of the study researchers found that the rats who received the resveratrol solution had reduced symptoms of erectile function, and increased expression of the protein SIRT1, a protein typically present when the body is in a calorie restricted state. Reducing caloric intake and supplementing with resveratrol may provide a natural remedy for those suffering from ED.



Doubling the RDA of ProthCAUM2NXJtein Protects Against Muscle Loss

As bodybuilders, our general knowledge of nutrition tends to far exceed that of the general public. A new study appearing in the FASEB Journal may be finally bringing one of bodybuilding’s oldest principles to light. In the study scientists reported that by doubling the RDA of protein intake while dieting they were able to avoid muscle loss, something that was thought to be unavoidable according to mainstream diet dogma. "This study essentially confirms what body builders have shown us for a long time -- a high protein diet helps prevent muscle loss when trying to lose fat," said Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of The FASEB Journal. There does appear to be a glimmer of hope that the mainstream may be on the verge of adopting diet practices that will actually be conducive to good health.



Caffeine May Protectfatmouse the Liver

A new study published in the journal Hepatology has found that caffeine may be able to protect or reduce the effects of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Diseases like NAFLD are often to be considered part of the metabolic syndrome, a byproduct of what’s become the traditional Western diet. Subjects with NADLD have fat deposits in the liver that cause inflammation and can eventually lead to cirrhosis. In the study researchers from Duke University took mice that had NAFLD and gave them an unspecified dosage of caffeine. Scientists found that caffeine consumption increased oxidation of fat in the liver, even when the mice continued to be fed a high fat diet. Those diagnosed with NAFLD may find it beneficial to increase caffeine consumption in conjunction in addition to eating a diet that is low in processed carbohydrates and excess sugars. However, it should be noted that excess caffeine consumption can have serious deleterious effects on health.







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