Fitness Factoids: Volume 1

Fitness Factoids: Volume 1


Thinking about a binge TVobesity-television watching marathon to catch up on your favorite shows? You might want to reconsider. “Men who watched more than 20 hours of TV every week had 44 percent lower sperm counts compared to those who watched almost no TV,” says lead author Audrey Gaskins, a doctoral candidate at Harvard’s School of Public Health. “And then men who exercised for 15 hours or more per week at moderate to vigorous levels had 73 percent higher sperm counts than those who exercised less than five hours per week.” Everyone looking to catch up on The Walking Dead might want to reconsider that idea of getting it all over with in one weekend, unless you don’t mind having the sperm count of a zombie.tumblr m90tck7fVN1qmxmivo1 400


A recent study shows average muscle power peeked in the mid 80’s, and since then we’ve continued to get weaker, especially women.  ‘I’m seeing a massive epidemic of weak women who have no muscle strength,’ says London-based physiotherapist Sammy Margo. ‘There are skinny women who have no muscles supporting their spine, and overweight ladies who don’t have any muscles under the fat.’ Women’s lack of muscle has serious implications for their health. It’s no secret that, when it comes to health, bodybuilding has been ahead of the curve for decades. Women in the sport, competitive or not, are taking a proactive approach to their health. Keep up the good work ladies.


It’s not groundbreaking research, but it is a great anti-soda ad by the New York City Health Department.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62JMfv0tf3QCoffee-coffee-13874368-1920-1200 (2)

Have you ever heard the old saying “ four cups of coffee a day keeps the diabetes away”? Probably not because I just made it up, but it turns out it may be true. Researchers discovered that drinking four cups of coffee a day can slash your risk for Type 2 diabetes in half. Yet past research is conflicting.

A January 12 news release reports that researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA) have discovered a possible molecular mechanism behind coffee's protective effect: a protein called sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) that has long been thought to play a role in the development of Type 2 diabetes. Just one more reason to order the Venti next time you stop at Starbucks.chastity-belt


Can abstinence raise serum testosterone levels in men? Accord to this study that can be found on PubMed, 

The authors found that the fluctuations of testosterone levels from the 2nd to 5th day of abstinence were minimal. On the 7th day of abstinence, however, a clear peak of serum testosterone appeared, reaching 145.7% of the baseline ( P < 0.01). No regular fluctuation was observed following continuous abstinence after the peak. Ejaculation is the precondition and beginning of the special periodic serum testosterone level variations, which would not occur without ejaculation. The next time you’re going to attempt a new 1RM try “caging the beast” for a week before you let loose in the gym and home.




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