Fitness Factoids: Volume 57




Extract Frdownload (1)om Green Tomatoes Reverses Muscle Atrophy

A new study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry has found that a substance may people will find growing in their backyard gardens has the ability to reverse muscle atrophy – green tomatoes. A team of researchers from Iowa State University has identified a compounds in green tomatoes, known as tomatidine that has shown the ability to reverse muscle atrophy and trigger muscle growth in laboratory studies. The team first tested the compound on a group of cultured human muscles cells and found that the compound appeared to be remarkably effective at reducing muscle atrophy. In a second study, the team issued the compound to a group of mice and found that mice who had received tomatidine increased muscle mass, increased strength, improved exercise capacity, and showed a reduction in body fat. Researchers are optimistic about future trials in which they hope to uncover more natural extracts capable of slowing muscle loss from age and disease.



Iron Supplements Boost Athletic Performance in Women

Iron deficiency anemia is a condition caused by download (2)inadequate iron intake over a prolong period of time. Those who suffer from iron deficiency anemia typically fatigue quickly due to low levels of red blood cells which are used to transport oxygen to cells. A new study conducted by the University of Melbourne that was published in the Journal of Nutrition has found that iron supplementation has the ability to improve athletic performance in women. The meta-analysis analyzed data from multiple sources and concluded that not only did iron supplementation boost performance in women who were diagnosed as anemic, but they also boosted the performance on what were identified as elite level female athletes as well. The results showed that both groups of women improved their maximum exercise capacity along with showcasing improved performance in submaximal efforts as well. Women who are anemic or looking to make improvements in their athletic performance may want to consider daily iron supplementation.



Green Tea Improves Memory

Green teadownload (3) and green tea extracts have become popular nutritional supplements due to their unique fat burning properties and potent antioxidant capabilities. However, new researcher recently published in the journal Psychopharmacology have identified green tea as a potential agent to help improve our memory as well. Researchers at the University Hospital of Basel in Switzerland gave twelve health participants either a beverage containing green tea or a placebo. Researchers then had each individual participate in a variety of cognitive tests that tracked working memory among other things. MRI scans of the brain were done during testing and the results found that the group that had received the green tea beverage showed increased connectivity between areas of the brain associated with memory, which also was represented in the testing results as well. College students who will be cramming for finals in a few short weeks may want to consider substituting green tea for coffee for their late night brain fuel.



Obstructive Sleep Apnea is linked to Increased Risk of Death

Individuals with obstructive sleep apnea stop breatdownload (4)hing several times during sleep when their airway becomes obstructed. Typically individuals who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea are either overweight, obese, or carry a significant amount of muscle mass in proportion to their frame as most bodybuilders do. A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep has linked obstructive sleep apnea to increased risk of death, along with a number of other potentially fatal and chronic conditions. Data collected from a twenty year study found that individuals suffering from obstructive sleep apnea are four times more likely to die from any cause; four times more likely to suffer stroke, three times more likely to die from cancer, and 2.5 times more likely develop cancer. Individuals diagnosed with, or who may be at risk for obstructive sleep apnea, should seek treatment as soon as possible.




Pesticides Are More Toxic Than Previously Recognized

The commedownload (5)rcialization of agriculture has forced farmers to use pesticides some considered to be harmful in order to increase crop yields. As insect species evolve to become pesticide resistant, the toxicity of the chemicals is increased in order to prevent crop destruction. New information released by the Biomedical Research Institute has found that 8 of 9 commonly used pesticides are up to 1,000x’s more toxic to human cells that what manufacturers have previously identified. Researchers postulate that the long term effects of exposure to highly toxic chemicals may cause epigenetic damage that could result in unforeseen consequences in the future.





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