Meet The Mods: RX Girl Editor-In-Chief: Gail Auerbach

Meet The Mods: RX Girl Editor-In-Chief: Gail Auerbach
As the Rx Muscle community continues to grow we continue to look for ways to reach out to our members and make them feel like Rx Muscle is a place that they can call home. As a part of those efforts we are introducing the brand new Meet the Mcamofrontods series. Meet the Mods is going to give members a chance to get to know Rx Muscle moderators better and hopefully open new lines of communication in the process. First up in the series is Editor-In-Chief of Rx Girl, The Prodigy.
Real Name: Gail Auerbach 
Occupation: Teacher/Administrator
Years you've been training: 5
Q.) What's your most embarrassing moment that you'd rather forget?
A.) Getting in a car accident and having the paramedics cut my shirt off me when I wasn't wearing a bra.....Yeah...can't believe I just typed that! 
Q.) If you had to describe yourself in only three words what would they be?
A.) Determined, Hard worker, Perfectionist
Q.) Before I die I would like to.......
A.) Travel outside the US! 
Q.) Name something that other members would be surprised to learn about you.
A.) Before I met Dave Palumbo in 2007 I had the lowest self esteem of anyone you have ever met! I had dropped out of my PhD classes and was so unhappy that I gave up on all my goals. He is the reason I am where I am today, and has helped me find my true self, happiness and to soul search when I need to. I have idolized him since I first saw him on stage and he truly has given me a second chance at life in so many ways! :)
Q.) What's your greatest success?
A.) Finding my true self and happiness. NOTHING beats it! 
Q.) What’s your greatest failure?
A.) Well...I am trying to write a book, and the process is very frustrating! I am not giving up, but it seems like I keep failing! 
Q.) You're the editor-in-chief for Rx Girl. Talk about how the idea for Rx Girl was conceived and why you think it's been able to be so successful?
A.) RX Girl was a project I took over from Sally Anne Taylor in 2010 and since has become my baby. I never thought I would ever use the Undergraduate degree in PR/marketing I obtained. I really just wanted to stay in college longer! lol! I think what attributes to RX Girl's success is the great women I have had the opportunity to promote and work with, the great contest coverage the site provides, as well as the incredible writers and contributors. RX is the one site where ALL females are promoted, not just pros. In addition, RX is a super laid back welcoming environment with outstanding people. The forums are a place where all are women are accepted and encouraged to be themselves. 
Q.) To the general public female bodybuilding is generally looked atDSC 7202 with disdain. How did your family react when they started to see the changes that were occurring in your physique?
A.) My family has always supported all of my endeavors throughout my life, whether they agreed or not. At first they were very supportive, but always let me know of their worry for my health and career. They always hated watching other people's reactions to me. They were always bothered by them more than I was! 
Q.) You currently have 6 college degrees including a PhD, which brings to mind a few questions. Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Will you ever finish paying off your student loan debt?
A.) I wish I knew what I wanted to be FINALLY when I grow up! I THINK I know and then it changes...almost daily! LOL!!! Throughout my career I have needed to "change with the times" so I have gone back to school to remain current in my practice and to face the new challenges my career has set before me. Most recently I started back to school once again, to get another endorsement! Believe it or not I have been blessed with no student loan debt. I have had full ride scholarships every step of the way!
Q.) If you could give one piece of advice to the Rx Muscle community what would it be?
A.) DREAM big, IMAGINE the possibilities and BELIEVE in yourself...my motto for life!
Gail Auerbach is a tireless worker and can be an inspiration to us all. She serves as an example of how determination, motivation, and persistence can helps us all achieve our goals. The Rx Muscle community is blessed to have someone who can be an example to those who aspire for greatness. 

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