Up close and personal with Czech nationals hopeful Pavel Beran

Pavel Beran

Hi there, greetings to all readers, my name is Pavel Beran I am 23 years old IFBB Pro and I am working hard to reach my goals.

What brought you to working out and to bodybuilding?

During puberty, I had quite an issue with being overweight and that's when I started to work out. Ever since I grabbed first heavy dumbbells I have known, that's what I need in my life.

How did your first competition go?

I'd like to avoid this question, the first competition was a disaster.  

How does it feel like to get Pro card just at the third competition?

It really doesn't matter when you get Pro card, it's such a great feeling anytime I think. If there is something that can be more exciting than getting a Pro card I think It might be a birth of descendant. If I am not counting  MR Olympia participation.

Pavel Beran

 What do you appreciate most about getting to PRO camp?

I am really glad I could get my PRO card through winning a competition and I didn't have to apply for it. In the Czech republic, Pro cards are really really scarce. It's quite hard to obtain one over here.

How did your most recent contest prep look like?

In my last preparation, I was for a relatively long time on a huge amount of protein, carbs, and even fats. But my metabolism was going on turbo mode at that time. I started cutting down with about 249lbs  and difference from the final competition shape was about 22lbs.

Training philosophy what do you believe in, what is working for you? I truly believe in myself. I try to put as much stress on muscle fibers and stimulate them from different angles. My philosophy is simple: heaviest weight with as many reps as possible.

A Classic question I really have to ask, what about some numbers on main lifts?

 In my training, I was able to lift approximately these numbers: 660 Squat, 440 Bench, 660 deadlift. Once I was able to lift up 530lbs on front squat, but honestly, all the saints were watching me.   

When are you going to step on stage again?

Right now nothing is certain. I am sure that I want to compete in 2018, to show my respect to Pro division and bring mass and shape worthy IFBB Pro competitor.

How do you want to present yourself, are you striving for mass or be more prepared?

For me, being conditioned was and always will be my priority. I'll  do everything to bring mass while being in top notch shape.   

 Which body part do you see as best and which one is lacking?

 I have like a little saying and that is "make the strengths of weaknesses & extremes from strengths" I think that I have relatively good arms development, but I want to focus more on my shoulders and legs. You can never have too much of legs because legs make a foundation of the body really. 

Pavel Beran

Do you have your future planed? Right now I am preparing for Czech nationals and hopefully  World Powerlifting Championships. Just to avoid being bored. My dream is to present myself in great shape in Pro camp, prove that I do belong in the Pro division and constantly improve myself. Next thing I would like to start a family and enjoy life happiness like everyone does.

How do Czech bodybuilding scene looks like? We have plenty of great bodybuilders, but definitely worse conditions for the sport itself. But we won't cry. We like challenges. 

Who do you look up to in bodybuilding? My idols are Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates, Branch Warren. In Czech scene, I follow our Ifbb pro like Vojta Koritenský, Milan Šádek.

Did you encounter some injury that kept you from working out on 100%? I did in the past, but it is really important to learn from yours and others mistakes and keep moving.

Pavel Beran

What is your view on current bodybuilding scene?

I don't agree that the bigger equals better at any cost. However, I prefer huge bodybuilders anyway.  

Where does your income come from, can you solely support yourself from bodybuilding? I make a living by being Pavel Beran. 

How does your ordinary day look like?

Basically its same like everyone else. I sleep at night, work through the day, workout, eat and relax with a girlfriend or friends. 

How does it feel like, a transaction from no name guy to one of the most followed bodybuilder in Czech republic in such a short time? 

For me, more importantly, than who am I is what I can do for people and I am really glad how people react to me. I want to leave my mark even if it should be just good positive mood.

Do you even have free time? Of course, I have. Anyone who says that not, is lying. After all, it's our life and we are the ones who organize it.  

Your current stats?

My weight is around 275 – 286 lbs right now and I am 6'0.  

Pavel, thanks you for your time for this interview.

Thank you for this great opportunity! I would like to thank to all of you who support and follow me. I wish you guys just the best and as much success as you can handle. 

Pavel Beran

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