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NADEEMMALIKPlease explain in brief, the efforts you put in to maintain your body?

There is a triangle to maintain a proper body which is  REGULAR WORKOUT>DIET>PROPER REST.

What is your weekly workout schedule?

                     MORNING                                         EVENING

MONDAY:-        thigh/abs/calves                   chest/abs

TUESDAY:-        biceps/oblique                      back/abs

WEDNESDAY     triceps/oblique/delts            shoulder/abs

Thursday:-        thigh/oblique/calves             chest/delts/abs                    

Friday :-             biceps/oblique                      back/abs/calves

Saturday:-         triceps/delts                           shoulder/abs

Accounting a busy weekly schedule, which body parts would you recommend to be worked out every week in order to maintain one’s existing physique?

There is no such thing as an important part I workout on my whole body equally to maintain one’s existing physique.


What would be your tips to an aspiring bodybuilder looking to chalk out his career in the industry?

This industry is not a bed of roses there will be difficulties there will be problems but don’t give up and stay focused on your goal


Explain in brief the importance of supplementation? What are the quick and convenient supplementation options that you would recommend to our readers?

No such supplements food is our foremost supplement so don’t miss out on your diets then comes the other sources such as supplements

Since you have been one of the pioneering bodybuilder of India, what is your take on the Indian bodybuilding industry?

First I would like to thank you for calling me the pioneering bodybuilder of india I want to be the best in the bodybuilding industry I want to become an Olympia champion


What would be your advice / message to the aspiring bodybuilders of India?

I would like to say to all my brothers that never give up stay focused and one day u will definitely feel the taste of victory

Tips you would like to share

Tips are only working out will not help being a proper bodybuilder taking proper rest no missing out of meals and staying determined is also very neccesary.




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Olympia Tix IG 03Mar 01


Olympia Tix IG 03Mar 01