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Stephanie McMahon: First Daughter of the WWE, Super Mom of 3, Woman with Food Demons!

I was first introduced to Stephanie McMahon Levesque; daughter to WWE Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon and wife to WWE Superstar Triple H, several years ago. When we first spoke, what struck me as "special" about Stephanie was the fact that she was both passionate and motivated to get into the best shape of her life after giving birth to her second daughter


Triumph Over Turbulence: Another Chance To Live


Before 1Triumph Over Turbulence: Another Chance To Live


Many of us live with the adage, "You never know what the next day brings", and many of us fail to stop and smell the roses daily to appreciate all we have in life. In this transformation story, you’ll get a glimpse into the life of someone who thought tomorrow wouldn't exist; someone who watched as they almost lost their hope of a future.  Many lessons are learned in this story. As we head into the New Year, hopefully, this story will remind us just how lucky we are to be alive. Maybe it’ll cause us to reflect on the past and envision the possibilities for the future.  One lesson I learned from this story was to never ignore the signs your body sends out to you. This article also reminds us to not let the obstacles we face ever hold us back.  We must pick ourselves up and constantly move forward, one step at a time. Here is a look into the life of Jessie Ladson who pushed forward with not only a pacemaker controlling his heart, but with love, determination, and a strong will to accomplish all the dreams in his heart.


Big Keith Williams Full-Blown Bio & Profile!


IMG 4584FULL NAME: Keith Anthony Lemar Williams


HOMETOWN: South Central LA




AGE: 37


HEIGHT: 5’10”





Is It Getting Worse?

This past weekend, I headed to Saskatoon for the National Figure/Fitness/Bikini Championships.  It was a quick road trip, with my client Brent.  The trip and show were great.  Great to see lots of familiar faces at the show, and the competition was very tough.  Lots of amazing athletes in the show, so it was fun cheering on all the Alberta women.


July 2011 Rx Member of the Month: Jodie Bruce

jodie1Like Kai Greene at the 2011 Olympia, the Rx Member of the Month is back and dialed in! This month Rx would like to recognize NPC women’s bodybuilder and future Women’s Physique athlete Jodie Bruce! A classy addition to the board, Jodie owns a set of glutes that would make J-Lo weep, but striated glute’s are not the only attribute this sensual Texan is blessed with.




Life Rebuilt: From Disaster to Dedication

byronLife Rebuilt: From Disaster to Dedication

"You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you."  ~Walt Disney

Adversity is defined as "a state or instance of continued difficulty".  Given this truth, there's no doubt in my mind that Byron Hicks has overcome more than his fair share of adversity on his road to the bodybuilding dias.  Many will say he's "rebuilt" his life since the horrible accident he endured in May of 2002 on a 15 minute trip. Many of his friends, family and clients call him an inspiration and describe him as a fantastic friend and a great guy with supreme core values and a strong heart and soul.  Byron Hicks rebuilt his life from not knowing if he would ever walk again to a national-level bodybuilder.


The Road of Life Holds Infinite Possibilities

cody2The Road of Life Holds Infinite Possibilities


Growing up is never easy.  You hold onto the past; you wonder about the future.  In fact, some of us never mature; or we try to rebel against it.  Sometimes it's comforting to know that the universe is ever-expanding and so are our dreams.  In the case of Cody Lewis, he's living his focused dreams every day of his life.  At 20 years old, he just won his first Mens Open Overall title at the NPC Contra Costa Bodybuilding Championships on May 7th.





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