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Bios & Interviews

Ryan Pateracki: Squat Life

DSC 2017 WUYLWJRASYRyan Pateracki: Squat Life


Find me a top tier IFBB Pro who doesn’t bring a fantastic set of wheels to the stage. I don’t mean just any athlete who has a pro card and a subpar set of legs. What I mean is an athlete who is a threat to crack the top 3 in any show that they enter who also has legs that are a glaring weakness on their physique. Go ahead… I’ll wait.


January RX Muscle Member of the Month: Guruhonza

guruhonza3January RX Muscle Member of the Month: Guruhonza

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2014, Rx Muscle, and welcome to the first Member of the Month for the new year!

Guruhonza is a longtime and well respected Rx Muscle member who has played host and liaison to Dave Palumbo & Co. on more than one occasion. Let's learn more about the guru!


Chris Aceto: Meet the Technician

ChrisAceto-newavatarChris Aceto: Meet the Technician

Information and electricity are passed in a similar manner. Both require a conductor or conduit to pass on their information, or energy, for use by the masses. For nearly three decades Chris Aceto has been one of the bodybuilding industry’s primary conduits of information, passing on his revolutionary ideas on training and nutrition helping to create some of the most awe inspiring physiques the world has ever seen.


"Mike" is November’s Rx Muscle Member of the Month!

mike-selfie"Mike" is November’s Rx Muscle Member of the Month!

So, Mike, what's your story?
I'm many things Curt, the lil engine that could, a squirrel trying to get a nut, a dog waiting to have his day, a Barbie girl in a Barbie world.

(Barbie Girl by Aqua)

Your "Location" on the forums is listed as Wherever I may roam...
Where are some of the most interesting places you've roamed, brother?



Mostly in Canada, I've worked in over a dozen different cities, as well I've visited Florida while playing baseball. Of course, the highlight was my trip to Hawaii earlier this year. It is the most incredible place on Earth.


Jose Raymond – High Stakes at the Sheru Classic

BostonMass1Jose Raymond – High Stakes at the Sheru Classic


This certainly has been a key year for IFBB Pro Jose Raymond, with victories at the NY and Toronto Pro contests.The Boston Mass has been dazzling bodybuilding fans for over twenty years. Initially, he scored high marks as a natural phenom, qualifying for IFBB Pro status four times in three different weight classes.


Stephen Frazier is Spreading the Gospel of Fitness

DSC 2357 BZFPRAIPXSStephen Frazier is Spreading the Gospel of Fitness


Famed author Sean Patrick once said, “What is generally recognized as great talent is, in almost all cases, the outward manifestation of a dedication to a process.” 

At the 2012 USA Championships, Stephen Frazier’s years of dedication to the sport he loves finally manifested itself in the form of an IFBB Pro Card when he won the Superheavyweight Class, and made his dream come true. Recently, Stephen and I had a chance to talk and we discussed how bodybuilding found him, who helped him finally capture his pro card, and what life is like away from the stage. You can read it all here, in this Rx Muscle exclusive interview.


Jacob Sumana, Spreading the Fitness Word!

Jacob Babu Sumana Image Courtesy of Krave FIT Jessy J PhotoJacob Sumana, Spreading the Fitness Word!

For some of us, our love affair with the sport doesn’t appear as love at first sight. Instead, our adventure through the industry is a much more gradual process. First, an idea becomes planted in our subconscious like a seed. Over time, our thoughts nourish that seed as it begins to take root until one day it becomes a fully formed miracle of nature – and our tiny little idea has matured and manifested itself has a career in the industry. 


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