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Exclusive Interview With NPC Bodybuilder George Assmus

For some of us being introduced to bodybuilding is likgeorgee throwing gasoline on a fire – it ignites a powerful explosion that changes things in ways we could’ve never anticipated. However, for others bodybuilding is like a small ember that slowly but surely begins to build, grow, and burn hotter as we immerse ourselves deeper and deeper with each passing moment into the lifestyle.


Exclusive Interview with NPC Junior Nationals Light Heavyweight Champion Charles Griffith


Bodybuilding is a sport of evolution. It’charless a sport about evolving our physiques and ideas in order for us to survive and prosper. At the 2014 NPC Junior Nationals, from the moment he set foot onstage, Light Heavyweight Champion Charles Griffith gave bodybuilding fans a glimpse about what the 212 division might eventually evolve into.


Griffith displayed an amazing combination of round muscle bellies, impressive symmetry, and a stunningly small waist on his way to capturing the crown in his class. I recently had a chance to catch up with the champ to discuss a little bit of life, bodybuilding, and what his future plans are – and you can read all the details right here, in this Rx Muscle exclusive interview.



Interview With New IFBB Figure Pro Charmain Lett

  Going Pro is charmainevery amateur athlete's dream. For some it happens quickly, and for others it can take a lifetime. Some just never get there. Today's guest isn’t just a new IFBB Pro; she's veteran and a fighter – a woman that's driven to succeed. From fighting for America around the world to giving it her all in the gym, IFBB Figure Pro Charmain Lett is a go-getter. Now that she's earned Pro Status, she hopes to land a supplement deal, get on the Pro circuit, and help improve people's lives through fitness and clean eating.


Cory Mathews tells Christian Duque how Them Texas Boys get things done!

coryCory Mathews tells Christian Duque how Them Texas Boys get things done!


Mike Pence Exclusive Interview

PENCEMike Pence Exclusive Interview


Despite what we try to lead ourselves to believe, there are no real secrets to success in bodybuilding. However, if there is something real bodybuilders know that wannabe bodybuilders don’t it’s that the training and the dieting aren’t all that hard. The hard part is waking up every day, staring at yourself in the mirror, and believing that you have what it takes to be better than yesterday. Real bodybuilders know that magic formulas only exist in movies, and that the real elixir for success looks something like this: work hard every day, ignore criticism, learn from failure, achieve mastery over fear, watch dreams manifest. 



Kevin Ofurum: Christian Duque Interviews One-Half of #ThemTexasBoys

Kevin1Kevin Ofurum: Christian Duque Interviews One-Half of #ThemTexasBoys 


How can I begin to describe Kevin Ofurum. Well, first of all, we haven't met in person yet, but I feel like I know him already. He doesn't take anything for granted and he's very serious about taking his physique to the next level. He obviously cares about the fans or he wouldn't have spoken to me or contributed to Muscle In The Morning. 


Exclusive Interview with NPC Bodybuilder Abdul Gibbs: Rock Steady!

20140408 145734Exclusive Interview with NPC Bodybuilder Abdul Gibbs: Rock Steady!

Many of us look at our favorite athletes from the outside and have the tendency to believe that they’re just incredibly blessed with genetic gifts that the rest of us quite simply don’t have, which is true. However, what we don’t see is the blood, sweat, and sacrifice they make on a day-to-day basis that allows them to reach heights that mere mortals can only dream of. 



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