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Surgery Update: Quadriceps Tendon Ruptures

Figure 3Surgery Update: Quadriceps Tendon Ruptures
In a previous article, I focused on an overview of overuse injuries and tendinitis. Now it’s time to turn our attention to what happens when a tendon is completely torn. And yes, it can happen to anyone of us, unexpectedly:Branch Warren, Triple H, andRxMuscle’s President, Dave Palumbo.  



The Final Week “Dry Out”-4 Simple Rules for the Physique Athlete

RX BBThe Final Week “Dry Out”-4 Simple Rules for the Physique Athlete
Rule #1
“Drying Out” is a misleading term.  What you are really seeking is the correct water BALANCE to LOOK hard. The dry shredded look comes from having a minimal amount of water UNDER your skin.



Are Carbs at Night the Fat Cells Delight?

imagesAre Carbs at Night the Fat Cells Delight?
Like many athletes you’ve probably been taught the many ‘truths’ of dieting. Eating fat will make you fat, all-day grazing boosts your metabolism, and eating carbs at night will cause weight gain.While science has debunked many diet myths, some remain up in the air, causing both athletes and regular health-conscious people to squabble over their accuracy. In fact, that last one seems to be holding strong today, even amongst nutrition savvy bodybuilders and athletes who know their way around energy metabolism.


MET-Rx Talks Childhood Obesity


I've heard it time and time again. "Doctor Whyte, I've been fat my whole life and I've only had diabetes for a year, so it can't be related to my weight." Or "My child is big-boned. He'll lose weight once he starts to grow more. There's nothing to worry about." Unfortunately, we have a lot to worry about as we continue to put on the pounds. We're quickly becoming a country of overweight and obese people. Obesity is a real problem in the U.S. because it's making us sick -- literally!

 In the late 1970s, only about 15% of American adults aged 20 to 74 and about 5% of kids were obese1.  Today, it's up to about a third of adults and 17% of kids and teens2.  Another third of folks are overweight. The scary part is that if you are actually at a normal weight, you're part of the minority! That's a big problem. Unfortunately, extra weight brings a whole host of health problems that get worse when we're carrying all those extra pounds . . . and actually get better when we lose weight, supplement correctly and increase our time exercising.



Are Modern Day Bodybuilders Grossly Over-trained?


Vic Web SiteAre Modern Day Bodybuilders Grossly Over-trained?

The benefits of resistance training depend on the manipulation of several variables, including the intensity and frequency of training, as well as the volume of exercise needed to meet the goals of the individual.  


The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Hernias!

The medical condition known as a hernia is very common in the fitness industry. The definition of a hernia is when the contents of any body cavity extend beyond their normal boundaries.
It is common for many hernias to be asymptomatic (producing no symptoms). The main issue with any hernia is stasis. When the body has any contents that can't circulate, this often leads to infection.


Aceto's Fine Tuning: Last Week Strategies for Competition

AcetoJayAll too often we hear people say, "He looked incredible the week before the show, but awful on stage". That's what happens to a lot of bodybuilders who mistime their peak; only to look better a week before the competition or a week after the competition! Getting ready for a show primarily requires that a person systematically strip away as much body fat as possible without shedding valuable muscle mass.


Changing The Game - PART 2: Triple H Peaks for Wrestlemania!

WM28 enter ring aka The Finished ProductIn Part 1of this article series, I discussed some major changes that were made to Triple H's former training style. Hopefully it provided everyone with a general idea of how Triple H's training now differs and the rationale behind the changes. Now that everyone has somewhat of an idea behind my general training philosophy (as it pertains to Triple H); it's time to reveal Triple H's pre-Wrestlemania programming. This article will provide you with an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the exact workouts performed by Triple H during the week leading up to Wrestlemania XXVIII!


GEN Labs Post-Workout Shake PROLIFR8 Review!

PROLIFR8BOTTLEGEN Labs, a relatively new supplement company in the nutrition world, has just released a new post-workout meal replacement shake called PROLIFR8 which is designed to address the many important aspects of post-exercise nutrition—muscle recovery, glycogen restoration, ATP replenishment, and joint repair.


Changing 'THE GAME' - Triple H's New Training Regimen

HUNTER1During the past 2 years, Triple H has added 125 pounds to his bench press, 220 pounds to his box squat, 22 inches to his box jump...and he's become healthier and more athletic during the process. Learn how he did it in this exclusive, 2-Part article series!


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