Flashback In Time: NPC Cal State Women's Bodybuilding Championships!

Creavalle (2)Perhaps it was because the state of California got off to a running start when it staged the first California Women's Bodybuilding Championships in 1980.  And of course there was the already glowing identity Venice Beach and Gold's Gym had brought to Southern California as a bastion for those who aspired to reach muscle stardom.  But over the 30 years since that first event, ‘The California' has been recognized as the most prestigious state bodybuilding contest in the country for women.




Did You Know. . . . ?

dianad0001With the history of women's bodybuilding recently passing the 30-year mark, and fitness and figure divisions now solidly in place, there have been numerous individuals, incidents, and just general factoids that have helped make the sport as interesting as the results of the contests themselves.

In this first of a series of re-occurring articles that will simply been known as ‘Did You Know?', I will endeavor to extract an accumulation of facts, figures, memorable quotes (both good and bad), and various other tidbits that you may not have heard, realized, or stumbled onto in the past.


2009 NPC USA: Angie's Third Time Really Is a Charm!

AngelaLas Vegas, Nevada. July 25, 2009:  If the assumption is that our nation is in the midst of a deep recession and the economy is in the tank, someone forgot to inform over 460 bodybuilders, figure, and bikini competitors who journeyed to Glitter City for the annual NPC USA Championships.  With the introduction of the new bikini division this year and with over 80 women entering that inaugural competition, the event was collectively the largest NPC USA ever.




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#FitSpire Of The Week: Suyan Souen

Name: Suyan suyanSouen

Age: 38

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