2015 Arnold Men's & Women's Physique Results & Photos

Sadik Hadzovic bested Jason Poston in the Men's division while Juliana Malacarne took honors over Dana Linn Bailey in the Women's division. Here are the results and links to the photos.

Men's Physique Results:

1. Sadik Hadzovic 
2. Jason Poston 
3. Anton Antipov 
4. Matthew Acton 
5. Xavisus Gayden 
6. Mark Anthony Wingson 

Womens Physique Results:
1. Juliana Malacarne 
2. Dana Bailey 
3. Tycie Coppett 
4. Karina Nascimento 
5. LaDrissa Bonivel 
6. Sabrina Taylor  

Click name for photos

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