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Fitness Factoid: Volume 4

iphone heart attackFitness Factoid: Volume 4

The Heart Attack App

Just when you thought your iphone couldn’t possibly get any better, Swiss scientists created the world’s smallest medical implant to monitor chemicals in the blood. The 14mm device measures up to five indicators, including proteins like troponin, that show if and when a heart attack has occurred.


Artificial Muscle Stronger Than the Real Thing

franco-columbo-deadlift-600Artificial Muscle Stronger Than the Real Thing

Scientists have created tiny artificial muscles, known as nanofibers, which are 200 times stronger than the real thing. Ray Baughman, a nanotechnology researcher at the University of Texas at Dallas, led the team that made the new muscle, which he sometimes calls a yarn because of the way it's woven.


Fitness Factoids: Volume 2

prozacFitness Factoids: Volume 2

Is kale the new Prozac? New research conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health has found a connection between high blood levels of certain antioxidants found in plant foods and higher levels of optimism. According to the researchers, carotenoids such as beta-carotene, were more present in the people with better moods. Nearly 1,000 men and women ages 25 to 74 were studied. The researchers measured levels of nine types of antioxidants in their blood.


Fitness Factoids: Volume 1

    obesity-television   Fitness Factoids: Volume 1


Thinking about a binge TV watching marathon to catch up on your favorite shows? You might want to reconsider. “Men who watched more than 20 hours of TV every week had 44 percent lower sperm counts compared to those who watched almost no TV,” says lead author Audrey Gaskins, a doctoral candidate at Harvard’s School of Public Health.


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