The Final Verdict (6/6/13) Trial #8 with Mel Chancey and Colleen Brennan!



The Final Verdict with Mel Chancey! And co-host Colleen Brennan!


On this episode The Final Verdict went LIVE with over 500 plus listeners!!!!  Judge Chancey tells the truth about the Dennis James vs George Farrah SAGA!
What Really Happened in New York as the night ended in Tribeca!
RxMuscle's own Chris "The Technician" Aceto calls in and puts Mel on the spotlight to pick this years Mr. Olympia LIVE on the air!
If that isn't enough Diet Prep Coach Chad Nicholls calls in and let's the world know how he feels about George Farrah and what's happening with Jay Cutler's contest prep. "There's not a chance in hell Jay would ever work with Farrah" quotes Nicholls.
Find out what Colleen's newest addition is as well as calls from our Rx fans! All this and much more ...2 hours long!!! The show that has the industry shaking! This is The Final Verdict! UNCENSORED! 




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