FITspiration Radio: (2/18/14) Premier Episode With Your Host IFBB MP PRO Dean Michael Fazzolari!



FITSPIRATION RADIO with Dean Michael Fazzolari!

Tonight on Fitspiration Radio:

Guest 1: IFBB Pro William "Breadman Sullivan

We talked about owning a business in the fitness industry, how he got started, and how he grew the business to be as successful as it is,
and what it takes to be sponsored by p28foods

Guest 2: Jaime Michielle : We talked about how she got started with fitness, how she built her loyal following, and how Instagram helped her
with her online personal training business

Guest 3: Sergio Rizzuto "OWNER of InstafitSociety with 666,000+ followers . he was the main topic of the show..

We talked about how he got started, whats next for him. how to figure out if a shout out page is worth buying a shout out from, and if the followers are fake or real. 





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