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What Do Top IFBB Pro Bodybuilders Feel About FIBO 2015 Being Canceled?

15FIBOWasItRightToCancelDave Palumbo asks top IFBB Athletes What they think about the FIBO Power Pro being canceled at 7 days out:  Dennis James, Ben Pakulski, Cedric McMillan, Johnnie Jackson, Maxx Charles, plus more more....

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Sadik Hadzovic Talks Arnold Classic MP Victory at FIBO 2015

15FIBOSadikHadzovicArnold Classic Mens Physique Pro Champion Sadik Hadzovic at the 2015 FIBO Expo GAT Booth

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The Best Built Veterinarian: Valantis Dokos at FIBO 2015

15FIBOValantisDokosDave Palumbo interviews bodybuilder/veterinarian Valantis Dokos at the Scitec Nutrition booth at FIBO Germany 2015

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Bruce Cardenas of Quest Nutrition at FIBO 2015

15FIBOQuestNutritionDave Palumbo stops by the Quest Nutrition Booth to find out about Quest's newest award:  Best Tasting Bar in Europe

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Johnnie O Jackson Talks Hardcore Freak Training at FIBO 2015

15FIBOJOJThe World's Strongest Bodybuilder Johnnie Jackson talks about what its like to train with Branch Warren-- hardcore balls to the walls- at over 40!

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Ms Fitness Olympia Oksana Grishina at FIBO 2015

15FIBOOksanaGrishinaFresh off her repeat Arnold Fitness International victory, Ms Fitness Olympia Oksana Grishina talks about what it's like to finally be on top!

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Calin Brehaita Talks About IFBB Nathalia Melo Classic

15FIBOCalinBretainoIrish promoter Calin Brehaita talks about the upcoming IFBB Nathalia Melo Classic at FIBO Germany 2015

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Kevin Levrone Talks About a Serious Comeback at FIBO 2015

15FIBOLevroneKevin Levrone, a true bodybuilding legend, talks about his return to the gym and the fact that he's currently gaining 1lb per DAY.  Can he compete on an Olympia stage again?

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