Bros vs Pros: $1000 Battle of the Biceps!

Jeff "The Producer" battles IFBB Pro Mike Liberatore in an 80 pound Dumbbell Curl Challenge!  Winner takes all!

That's right folks, "$1000 Winner Takes All."  This is the first time in bodybuilding history that a regular iron brother like "us" is going to be able to go toe-to-toe with an IFBB pro bodybuilder-- in this case curling an 80 pound dumbbell-- in a legitimate test of strength with a substantial cash prize going to the winner.  It's as good as Clubber Lang calling out Rocky!  This is big!


Jeff "The Producer" is a regular iron brother, ox-diesel, on arm day (I refuse to say cock-diesel, or the word cock, in any iteration of its meaning, in the same sentence as Jeff) and his biceps are a tribute to the power they exude.  Indeed, if Jeff likes to train a body part it shows; but, the opposite is also true. Jeff hates training legs so much that it's surprising they can hold up those huge arms.  Jeff, however, never brags about his guns.  He doesn't wear Pellechia-style skin-tight, bicep-flossing, tee shirts.  Jeff is totally unassuming about the god-like appendages that hang from his shoulders.


So it came as a surprise to overhear Jeff's cocky comment during the Billy Guns Bench Press contest.  When Mr. G suggested he would curl a hundred pound dumbbell to "show us", Jeff responded something to the order of:  "Yeah, right.  He's going to have to get through me first."  What? Is Jeff trying to say something? Upon later interrogation, Jeff bragged that he could get close to ten reps with the hundred pound dumbbell. Hmmmmmmm.........


We got into this conversation last night on Heavy Muscle Radio (LISTEN HERE) and decided that Jeff's purported curling strength might rival that of an IFBB pro.  Always looking for an angle, Dave suggested we put on a Battle of the Biceps between Jeff and a yoked IFBB pro and offer a cash prize to the winner.  Then Dave's astute Jewish businessman side kicked in and he said, "We'll just have to find a sponsor to put up the money."  And no sooner than the radio show was broadcast, BRUTAL ALCHEMY stepped up to the plate and provided the full sponsorship money needed to make this thing happen...This is giving back.  This very act will pave the way for a continued alliance between bodybuilding fans and pro bodybuilders, and it'll inspire everyday lifters to buckle down and get serious.  If you've got gym game, we're building a place for you to play it with top pro bodybuilders.


Once Jeff agreed to be the pioneering contestant in this historical pilot of Bros Vs Pros, we had to decide to which deserving pro we would bestow the same honor. With much thought, we figured that the best arms in the biz would have to be those of IFBB freshman Mike Liberatore.  So we called Mike and asked him how many seated dumbbell curls he could do with an 80.  Mike admitted that his biceps, in spite of how they look, are his weakest body part.  Nevertheless, Mike agreed to pit them against Jeff's in RX Muscle's EXCLUSIVE made-for-internet Battle of the Biceps!  IFBB Pro versus just another iron brother and the winner takes all! Bro Vs Pro!


We're going to fly Mike to N.Y. in 5 weeks for the NPC Eastern USA and stage the showdown at Bev Francis' Powerhouse gym in Syosset on Friday the 13th of November.  The entire Whack Pack will be on hand to cheer on the competitors and to offer commentary.  The special referee for the event is none other than Jimmy "The Angry Bull."  So far, Jeff's only stipulation is that Mr. G not be allowed within spitting distance of him when he's curling.  I imagine that out of fairness we would extend the same stricture to Mr. G when it's Mike's turn; however, we might have to lash Mr. G to a power rack to honor the provision. Other than that, it's pretty simple:  Whoever gets the most curls on each arm during one all-out set of standing alternate dumbbell curls with a pair of 80 pound dumbbells wins the cash.   Even though there'll be an official judge, form doesn't matter.  Just get the weight up, anyway you can.  Now you understand why Jimmy "The Bull" is the ref!


Years from now, when you are glued to your computer screens watching the season finale of Bros Vs Pros, where this ginormous unknown dude from the gym is going toe-to-toe with a four-time Mr. Olympia for a a total cash award of $1,000,000, you'll think back this first episode where Jeff "The Producer" challenged IFBB Pro Mike Liberatore and made history.

For now, we'll see you on Friday the 13th of November for the showdown of the year! And a thousand thanks to Brutal Alchemy for making it all happen!